Spineless Nairobi Men


Usishangae bro. There is a condition called masochism, people who enjoy having pain inflicted on them.


:):)Hapo pa handbag haiwezi fika hapo.

I figured out something… These ladies normally make some requests or ask for things we think are nuts but they do it because it works for them. There are some people that put up with such or give them what they want.

That’s a screwed up disorder!

It’s beyond me why any man would cuddle a handbag in public worst of all to allow his date hook up with another jamaa

Cuckold niggaz

Why would a grown-ass man put up with such BS?

I have seen this situation many times in clubs. A girl walks in with a guy who buys drinks, but kwa dancefloor anakuletea haga. Since the bitch looks fine you dance and ask her about the man buying beer anakwambia usijali, he is just a pal keeping her company. I feel sorry for such men but they are usually beyond help.

Why don’t you @Mark Maish concern yourself with what’s in front of you. Those men have more spine than you Coz all you do is sound insecure.

Ata awe na kuma ya gorofa mimi hapana weza kubali upuss kama huo

Classic tale of Alpha fucks, Beta Bucks… Nothing new to discuss

Naona umerudi na kishindo

I have witnessed that numerous times. Typically, spineless men spend significant amounts of resources & time to score a lady you would in a night.

Cuddling handbags in a bar & waking up at 2am to go pick your g.f who was making out with stranger is the hallmark of being secure? You are hilarious!

One must have serious self-esteem issues to let such a thing happen.

I concur

We as men have failed to mentor our boys right . They are trained by our mothers as we spend time kwa bars and work. Spending time with our sons can be the best thing ever .