Spiked cases in Kakamega County


Mabel Muruli a billionaire and a charismatic Luhya lady who has owned business in and out of Kenya has passed on this morning due to covid.

She vied to be governor of Kakamega on a Jubilee ticket but lost to Oparanya. She has had several functions in Kakamega the last three weeks planning to vie in 2022. Her donations to women groups, teachers unions, churches are unmatched in the county. Mabel has been a giver and half.

She has been on Ventilators and ICU for a week now and was at the Karen Hospital in NAIROBI.

She becomes the latest high profile leader from Kakamega county to die of covid.

A business man in Kakamega’s Amalemba Estate called Ken succumbed to covid last night. Robert Sumbi a right hand man of Gov Oparanya died yesterday due to covid. He was a minister and recently the chief of staff in Kakamega county govt

Friends School Kamusinga and St. Luke’s Kiminini have confirmed that over 100 learners in the TWO leading schools of western are covid positive. The two boarding schools have been turned into isolation centers.

Kakamega County headquarters has now been closed after 57 health workers tested positive for COVID-19.

Already churches, prisons, hospitals etc are closed due to covid in Kakamega.
Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has said Kakamega has so far confirmed 316 infections, adding that 155 are still in ICU, further stating that the county is in shortage of ICU experts. Available isolation centres in Kakamega County – Kakamega Referral Hospital and Likuyani – are already full. The county has since opened two other facilities – Mautuma in Lugari and Emanyala in Butere – to accommodate the rising number of patients.
“We now order law enforcement officers within the county, including police, to arrest anybody found breaking COVID-19 regulations including wearing of masks,” directed Governor Oparanya.


We demand a total lockdown of Kakamega county to save lives. There should be no coming in or going out of Kakamega. Now.

How do you lockdown such a county with very porous borders?

Wewe umeenda Kach kweli? A lockdown can’t work there.

They’re in a panic mode, that’s why they’re asking for a lockdown, but likely not going to happen.

Instead of lockdown, we are planning to re-open schools for all students…

We are going to adopt the Seuth Efrican model. They have stabilized to less than 200 cases per day.
Prepare to take your kids back to school on November 9th.

Sat down, critically seen figures from Kakamega county, and i can tell you for free, if the rest of Kenya opens, Katch isnt at least not now. Corona is real.

Btw by extension Vihiga, Bungoma and Transzoia counties are equally hotspots… All these feed Kakamega county directly and vice verca.

Ken isn’t dead. Where did you get your info?

There is no covid in kenia

Keep following Covid 19, it shall be public soon anyway. Unless the curve changes

Bar na clubs to be closed next week…curfew itarudi 9pm

Corona is real. But we shouldn’t go back to this…

Spoke to some senior kakamega county official barely a month ago…we had great plans…he was gunning for mp seat…sai hes no more

alikuwa na mdudu ama?

Hehehe “I am ordering all law enforcement officers including the police to arrest all those flouting the Covid19 safety rules”. “Weh oliskia wapi?”

Kidney problems


Do police really take orders from governors? I don’t think so! Nonetheless, it is terrible seeing what is happening there, I hope they can get covid under control in their counties.

The government should just let Darwin takes control!! TZ defeated this nonsense by letting people grow the fuck up, diabetic wote met their maker courtesy of COVID!

Might have been wrong. Uncomfirmed reports say Ken has died this morning so…