Spheres of Influences.

With the recent UK PM being nominated, I can safely say UK is a finished country. It has lost it’s allure. High energy bills, inflation, high taxes and to stack on top of the horrible weather, that place is done. Next year when Scotland secedes from the Union, it would be done for real. Below are the updated spheres of influence as it is now.

  1. USA - Talkers would make you believe that it’s a done deal and it would crumble anytime. But believe you me, American so called decline is nothing but hot air. Even Xi acknowledged that they are behind US in the recent address. @Sidindi Bey can confirm live from Seattle

  2. China - Impressive Chinks but number one wataionea viu sasa because they suck at propaganda and nobody is learning Mandarin :saitan:.

  3. Germany - Europe’s leader and it has a brighter future.

  4. Japan - This High IQ bonobos are pretty influential lakini huwa wamenyamaza sana.

  5. France - They have large parts of Africa under a chokehold.

  6. United Kingdom - Regaling and reliving their old glory and also they are the custodians of the English language. Otherwise as more countries grow, it would slip further and further down.

  7. Russia - Overrated piece of shit. Only thing they have is Nukes and a UNSC seat. Otherwise it’s a finished country in my book.

The rest wanajaribu hapa na kule lakini bado

A geopolitical take by a low IQ bobobo:D:D:D

I could have given my deeply informed and insightful high IQ take but I’m not in the mood.

Kuna some Maltese gangsters who want to place gambling adverts on my sites sijui nirushie @Sidindi Bey gey hio kazi

siku hizi hii mambo ni Soros na Klaus Schwab ndio wanasema. You can choose to dismiss it as just another MAGA conspiracy theory but hata nyinyi wajaluo wa baba mmeonja smartmatic. So you know who is your daddy.

Sunak wants to take out crypto currencies and replace them with govt controlled digital currencies. His father in law is a mbirrionea who owns an IT company called infosys that is pushing for Chinese style ID tracking and central bank controlled digital currencies.

Infosys is a partner Of WEF :


Sunak himself is a partner and fellow at WEF :


His parents lived in Kenya and Tz but moved to the UK in the 60s. He is a very wealthy man via his mbirrionea wife. He also worked for Goldman Sachs like most top globalist agenda politicians today.

Ulisema utaweka nione sitting room ya Lavi,hukuweka.

Weka tutoe makosa.


Nanzez. UK soft power is dwindling while China soft power is increasing. You can’t refute that. They have several ports in Europe under them. Also type vizuri ghaseer.

Lol ati Germany has a brighter future:D:D