sperm donor man



Sasa unatukana babako…does he know he would have opted to hang the bishop and his mouth would be a dried out powdery murk on Elephant Man thumb!

This a perfect demonstration of an empty headed person.

Powdery murk kwa floor za sj

:D:D:D Elephantman has never been serious in his life . kazi Ni kutombana na bhangi. Hawa Ni wale wazae watakuwa 90 but bado ako klabu .

(Although Niko na Hizo traits kidogo[/SIZE]

What an idiot!Anamtukana na bado anajiita Ele trunk,deriving his stage name from his dad’s stage name.It’s clear he’s in a twisted way looking for his dad’s attention and approval


Same elephant man?
This was one of my favourite hits ma2000 hukoz…

Sema yeye ni your twin bro!!!


this guy has lived a life and a half …he’s had fun , drugs ,money , fame , women , respect and power …remember his country is a a banana republic so he is like royalty huko …na he has kids and am sure any woman he f*cks knows she will be replaced by kesho …no stress life , stress ikikujaa cocaine tafanya kazi …

hapana cheza na elephant man…hadi akaimba ngoma inaitwa stamina daddy

what’s the difference between listening to this and listening to a cock crow… cant hear shit

I watched this guy elephant man’s documentaries and performances and he’s quite a clown. I am surprised hes hasnt yet gone full crazy.