Spending Money On Women

I really wonder where men get strength to spend their money on women.

It is perfectly OK to give money to your wife, daughter, aunt, cousin, mother, friend, girlfriend, neighbour, or even a stranger who is in need. But, can I cough out more than 500/= to buy sex???

Honestly, even if I have millions in my bank account, I don’t think that I can spend more than 500/= to buy sex. It pains me because this woman did not buy her pussy, and she is also enjoying sex just like I do.

I also deliberately avoid spending on women because they will never help you back on the day when you will be in need.

Spending on women is just a waste.


Sawa motivational speaker. Kwani umerambwa na dem mahali? Yatapita kaka…


Kwani umeitisha sleep over akakushow anadai za rent :smile:

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Pleasure comes in many ways. You love ice cream, kuna mwingine lazima wetness ya hio shimo…

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Kwani are you ngey. Need poosie, have cash or get older women. Money is a mean.

Jezebel,stopper capote, happy endings massage _ we ndo ule biih

Kaka…we understand you…endelea. Legends have it that it is the safest of all.

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