SpeedAF is back

Speed as faak is back in business vitu zinakuom kukuom, posta will die

Unaogelelea nini Rasta …

Hii njaruo hainaga akili.

Its true. They delivered me a charger I ordered back in 2021. I had already been refunded but they still delivered it.

Warudishie pesa banae

Posts is a poster child of a fukced up bonobo govt system. DHL is a govt courier service giving FedEx a run for their money in US.

Nimetoka kupiga order saa ii hehe ikizama nakujia wewe

I got a parcel yesterday with speedaf. They’re back…

Does speedaf support other e-commerce platforms apart from aliexpres.
and for aliexpress how do you choose your courier to be speedaf and not mkuu wa GPO.

Ali express select that as a supplier of choice. Unless u want a different logistics company speedaf has become their default