Spectacular development within Nairobi Hospital land Upperhill - Kenya Rising under Jubilee

Your line of thought is plausible.

There is no substitute for hardworking, people in slums need jobs not handouts to get themselves out. Someone said the usa can feed it’s people, well what about the 1 million homeless people in the usa. What about the millions on welfare getting free money but can’t make it yet million sneak in the usa with nothing but cloths on their bodies and they make it. Nairobi Hospital is doing its hardwork and hundreds will get permanent jobs and thousands will get jobs servicing their needs. If someone is expecting Mesa from government, please be patient, they are busy with may things now that are more important like creating a conducive environment for private businesses to grow.

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This reminds me of the Moi days how Moi used to deceive Kenyans ati Kenya was developing because there are tall buildings in tao.
Meanwhile unemployment was high, crime was skyrocketing, tribalism, poor infrastructure, corruption out of control na vinginevyo.

@PepoPunda…please I beseech you to list 5 companies that are coming to Kenya and 5 start up companies by a normal mwananchi that’ll rent out space in upperhill and then kindly let me the amount of office space they’ll occupy…nangoja. Then show me start ups that have grown so much so that River road offices are no longer habitable.Nobody is against building buildings and houses/apartments…jengeni kapsaaa hata ikiwezekana build them on the clouds. What guys are accurately pointing out is that brick and mortar is the latest money laundering channel with native Kenyans, we saw it with Somalis during the Piracy period/years. Building houses is not a sign of economic development…no sir! What is? The construction…sensible…of roads, Equipping of hospitals and health centers, Improvement of the Security apparatuses, the Strengthening of Government Institutions, the opening up of Democratic space and last but not least the gradual improvement and diversification of the Education system…simple economics… no need for insults, fancy names or degrees…just that.

This has been ongoing for the last 3 years by Jubilee government. ‚ÄúThe construction‚Ķsensible‚Ķof roads(3000kms so far ongoing countrywide), Equipping of hospitals and health centers(2 hospitals in each county totals to 94 hospitals) Improvement of the Security apparatuses (20,000 police housing ongoing, 10 million life insurance cover for each security officer and another 10 million annual health cover per officer), the Strengthening of Government Institutions(fully funded by budget after they present their own budget estimates), the opening up of Democratic space (that was completed in 2010 with the new constitution) and last but not least the gradual improvement and diversification of the Education system (97% of all schools in Kenya have power and Laptop project will be complete nationally in Jan 2017)‚Ķsimple economics yes simple ongoing and its booming the economy such that Nairobi Hospital is putting up its own private money in building skyscraper hospital.‚ÄĚ No one will call you names in Jubilee we are not bitter, frustrated, looking for a fight or whining.

Lastly on foreign Direct Investment coming to Kenya, read this.


Kenya recorded the fastest rise in foreign direct investments (FDI) in Africa and the Middle East, at 47 per cent, that saw 84 projects in diverse sectors initiated in 2015. The FDI intelligence website revealed that a total of 84 separate projects from real estate, renewable and geothermal energy as well as roads and railways worth Sh102 billion provided a huge chunk of new jobs for Kenyans. The report dubbed FDI Into Middle East and Africa for the past year noted that Kenya was third in terms of numbers of projects initiated after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at 298 and South Africa at 118. Kenya’s top investors are drawn from United States of America, India, United Kingdom, Mauritius, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, China and South Africa.

A barrage of rhetorical questions only a negative mind could generate. I suggest that you look up @FieldMarshal CouchP’s recent thread about Kenya’s economic status and potential compared to others. We are 74th.

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If this were true, you’d not make blanket statements about Kenyans not being producers.

There are glaring contradictions in your story and falsehoods about US ‚Äėnative industries‚Äô and expansion abroad. Trump would not be on the verge of winning elections the if he did not lament ceaselessly about the Chinese, Latinos and others ‚Äėinvading‚Äô their economy and ‚Äėstealing American jobs‚Äô.

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@Flx asked me to engage him intellectually bila kutusi yeye and I obliged. That other orangutan talking about Jubilee where it does not arise is the one I will insult. You sir… We can engage with facts.