Special Tribute - SSGT: Daniel Chemase (RTD)

This is a very Special Tribute to a fine retired Old Warrior who has made his mark and given a fine example to his peers and juniors …

SSGT: Daniel Chemase (RTD) AKA Mr. DC AKA Mr. Direct Current.

Back in our College days he was our very able and efficient Chief Transport and Logistics Officer.

We inherited him from the KDF Paratroop Regiment where he made his mark during the long “Shifta Wars” in North Eastern Province and rampant insecurity in Eastern and Rift Valley Provinces.

During our free time on long Study Tours , Outreach Clinics and Official Trips , he would entertain , inform and educate us on the finer points of Military Craft , the Art of Soldiering and real life combat events on past engagements at the Kenyan / Somali Border.

Now happily and productively retired , he is a small scale farmer , rancher , business entrepreneur and community environment activist in Baringo.

May he continue to impart his good humor , wisdom and useful practical ideas to his community and society in general …

…“… Old Soldiers Never Die …”
…" … They just slowly fade away …" :blush::clap::sparkles: