special dedication to all witches of this village

For Auld lang syne, lets twak this cup o’kindness yet… thanks a lot to our Almighty God for the great year, thanks to our Admins who brought us back on line when we got angry, Thanks for dedicating your time making sure we were always up to-date.

To the whole village, thanks a million tymes, we have lived like a family, we went through politics together, giving different perspectives on current issues. I don’t take it for granted kuwa na invisible friends wenye huwa tunachongoana na wao… Special thanks to @introvert ,wewe ni Ng’ombe kweli, keep them coming, your talent will open many doors for you.


Lakini asante.

We can now promote you to class four come next year.

hiyo ni link ya nini umeweka

Na ukamalizia na rink? What did we say about link?
You have cancelled all that you have typed above.

Mungich weka picha random ya kifala from facebook

The moment you posted here that its your birthday tukuwish Happy birthday is the time i knew how to choose my battles.

Evidence negro, evidence. The only time i post for birthdays is to wish it to my kids…you’re free to prove it otherwise, Mungich…

Bado tunajua hukusomea starehe, wewe bado uko D.N Handa (do nothing handa) day school Ovasho