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Jubilee Development…at what cost?? Explain why the Chinese demanded Kenya Ports Authority to secure a loan taken by Kenya Railways? Isn’t this evidence that the Chinese do not believe in the financial viability of the project? The Chinese contractor indicated its net present value at $2.6 billion. Why did the government borrow $3.2 billion?? If the true cost of building the first section was lower than $2 billion, why did the government overborrow by 1-2 billion USD and where is this money now that the section is complete? SGR was financially viable but the drunkard over borrowed by 1-2 billion dollars and placed the burden on Kenyans. So, as you fill this site with Jubilee development propaganda, don’t forget to explain the cost. Not all development is good development when loans are taken at shylock terms, project costs inflated and humongous amounts used to finance the projects of a few individuals but repayed by Kenyans.

Thread ya SGR ili malaysia wapi?

Hata mimi sijui

He fed us with information about moyale stadium under jubelee development program nikaleta evidence ya uwanja alikataa kunijibu[ATTACH=full]201122[/ATTACH] This is the stadium.

Hapa huwesi muona, ataenda underground for two days.

The jubilee development is on a wrong strategy these infrastructure development Will be valuable if they concentrate on putting up factories and boost exports, promote local products

What do you expect if in Rutos own region this is the podium…


Guys you need to relax. Damage already done. Hii kitu tuliimba hapa sana. Pesa ilikuliwo. You are denial stage which many people were in 2017 about this issue.

My fren, afadhali upigie mbuzi guitar than to talk to some talkers.

Hehehe. Funniest thing I have seen all day

Kuna time kwa hii kijiji ulikuwa unauliza mambo ya SGR, and you would be treated as a villain. We even scorned the auditor General, claiming he was Amollo attack dog.
Sasa wacha tupambane na yali yetu kama wakenya. Some us thought questioning how our money was being spent was unpatriotic

He once claimed the commissioning of tarmacking kakamega navakholo musimoka nikaleta evidence akanilenga.

When Joho wanted to interrupt the launch of SGR wakati alikuwa anaambiwa “anamfuatafuata”, Joho was upto something. His main concern was that the railway section to Nairobi was estimated to cost no more than $2 billion as the highest estimate. This means that anywhere between $1 and $2 billion dollars is missing. Joho’s concerns tally perfectly with the Chinese contractor’s valuation of this project at a net present value of $2.6 billion. So the true cost of building the railway must have been lower than $2 billion for the project to be viable. Wakati walikuwa wanasema wanakula “nyama”, nyama is the $1-$2 billion dollars they overborrowed for that section at the loan terms of a shylock. The Chinese knew that once this huge extra 1-2 billion dollars is included, the project ceases to be viable, so they demanded collateral from Kenya Ports Authority (A Strategic national asset), instead of Kenya Railways. The drunkard just signed another loan of $3.8 billion for the section from Naivasha to Kisumu, pushing the total cost before interest and operational costs to Ksh 800 billion. Using estimates from the first section, it is clear that the entire SGR project will be overvalued by something close to 100%. A project that should cost $4 billion will cost $8 billion before interest and operational costs. Once that cheque is signed by the Chinese, the drunkard should explain to Kenyans where close to $4 billion USD of taxpayers money is. By the way, Kenya pays the Chinese 1 billion per month to run SGR. Very few companies at our stock exchange have revenue of 1 billion per month.

It’s just amazing that this will not make us angry, we will just go for prayers and pray for our beloved country and leaders.

Who said that Mombasa port was used to guarantee the loan?
Rule of the thumb is ignore rumours, or at the very least don’t take part in spreading them.

There is a difference between Mombasa Port and Kenya Ports Authority genius. I thought you should know that. I don’t recall mentioning Mombasa Port anywhere. The main guarantee for that loan was a “take”-or-“pay” contract with Kenya Ports Authority. That contract basically forces KPA to provide SGR with a certain amount of goods to transport and if they don’t, Kenya Ports Authority pays Exim Bank the difference. This contract is what necessitated the move of KPA operations to Naivasha, to force importers to use SGR. That is one reason why Joho was furious.

He is jubilee’s dog and a dog can’t bite the hand that feeds it


At mseme Nini dp uncle ruto all the way. 2022 mnataka tu kumharibia with your allegations.
He will fight corruption
Bring down taxes
And return all the money stolen from the government by few greedy individuals

evidence ya hii story yako.

Spare the man…he has a very tough job defending jubilee…there were days when I would put him under pressure then I realised he ain’t itumbi or crazydude…those two combine spin doctoring with a dose of intelligence…by intelligence I mean they don’t defend at all costs…but sometimes own up when things are not adding up. Spare spear…he’s only a photojournalist…We are asking too much from him.