There can be few design-led manufacturing projects in this world where the central aim is to create an ‘ultimate’. But this was precisely the goal at KEF when the company commissioned the visionary industrial designer, Ross Lovegrove, to develop with them the Muon - perhaps the most extraordinary audio speaker ever conceived.
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KEF Muon
[li]$225k [/li][/ol]

they look ugly AF

I love music so much men, but why the fuck would I spend such an insane amount of money of such even if I have it lying around

How possible is it to replicate these designs locally say you had the funds to pursue it as a hobby working with someone with the modeling skills & also a great sound engineer? Just curious.

I can’t imagine what makes these speakers so expensive.
At the moment, if you want to persue such, best is to be creative and especially confirm to size and space, as more and more people are embracing small speakers.
Gone are the days for bulky, space consuming speakers.
Work around the sound bar idea.

I’d say maybe the company name/brand then they partner with someone highly reputable,automatically the product can’t be cheap.Huawei with Leica, Nokia & Carl Zeiss, even computer brands HP & Beats Audio, Asus & Harman Kardon…sometimes I think it’s just to sell gimmicky features for a premium & ‘brand tax’. Very few partnerships as those produce innovative products worth their tags.

On this do you think there are soundbars at par performance wise with say a traditional 5.1 set up([ATTACH=full]257760[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]257761[/ATTACH]decent receiver + speakers) from let’s says Harman Kardon.

Not in one unit as a sound bar. A sound bar is more or less used as a TV, hometheater set up.
While the receiver/speaker set up is an all round set up.
In my opinion.

Yes of course not in one unit but am mainly interested in a performance comparison.
I’ve got to experience the above set-up same models in the images above funny enough I haven’t come across a sound bar set up yet to compare. While a sound bar plus tv set up isn’t as complex compared to the tv+receiver+speakers setup would you say a soundbar might eventually replace it performance wise.

You need to be overcompensating for something to even consider buying this ugly speakers