Spanish giants (R Madrid, FC Barca) treat Coaches like trash

It is no open secret that the big Spanish clubs treat their coaches like some piece of trash.

Moreso the recent firing of ex Barca boss Ernesto Valverde shows it all. Valverde was fired but the club didn’t have the guts to say it to his face. Valverde knew it from the papers and the interwebs. On Monday during training he met the club’s players to say his goodbyes though the decision to fire him hadn’t been made. He was aware that Barca legend Xavi had been approached by Eric Abidal another Barca Legend and current football director of Barca for a contract to coach the club but he (Xavi) turned down the offer because of the poor way Valverde was being treated by the club.

Valverde had 6 months remaining on his contract but the club saw it fit to fire him. The decision to fire him was due to the 3-2 hammering by Diego Simeone’s men. Another reason was due to him losing the cops del Rey final to Valencia last season. Moreso the fact that he lost the uefa championship places to Roma and Liverpool overturning the deficits.

Long live Valverde!!

You have mentioned giants. Please talk about other spanish giants that have done the same

It seems you don’t know what happened to the likes of Ancelotti at Napoli. Coaching is a thankless job. You can win everything but when team starts underperforming you’re the sacrificial lamb

At Chelsea it’s worse

David O’really did wonders at Leeds

He managed to finish top five

Reached the semi’s of UCL


One season later…the club was relegated

It has never recovered

Same with Javier Irureta at deportivo la coruna


And that’s was the last time depo walipanda ndege wanaenda kucheza ball

Tottenham iko barabara hiyo hiyo tuu

They are paid for the remainder of the contract, at least most of them are - I mean if you are paid all that and given a huge budget then one should perform, even in your business if your employees are not bringing back enough you replace them, its business.

Without results in football you are as good as nothing

Hope you realize that most of these fired coaches still end up being paid as per their contract after getting fired. And they’re not actually poorer for it.

Valverde’s firing came a bit too late. He should have been given his marching orders last year after the Champions League humiliation vs Liverpool, which was just as bad as the one vs Roma

Not necessarily. Firing coaches sometimes has to be done at CFC. And it works. Look at 2011/12. No chance that we were winning the CL and FA Cup with Villas Boas in charge

I know that quite well.

I have always sympathized with David O’leary.He had built a strong team that played a very well.I remember akina Ian Harte,Lee Bowyer,Jonathan Woodgate,Alan Smith,Mark Viduka,Rio Ferdinand etc etc.

Usidahau the captain radebe and the French midfielder and a very good dribbler…olivier darcourt

Yes , Yes…Lucas Radebe , Olivier Darcourt,Danny Mills,the Australian wizard " Harry Kewell",Robbie Keane the Irishman,Robbie Fowler…Aaron Lennon alikuwa kwa reserve by then…It was such a great team then capable of winning the Premier League and other competitions…

Na wewe ni wa tenee aje ?

Let me just say I was old enough when Blackburn won the league with the likes of allan shearer and Tim Sherwood playing at Blackburn

I think it was in 94

wewe ni ancestor sana, ata macho inaona simu vizuri kweli?

Naongeza font