Spain wagonjwa ni 19,980. Italy ni 41,000.

Hii kitu inat*mba wazungu vibaya sana.

href=“^tfw”>#coronavirus, raising the total amount of cases in Spain to 19,980.

— SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 watcher (@2019nCoVwatcher) March 20, 2020

href=“[MEDIA=twitter]1240735617857622017[/MEDIA]”>March 19, 2020

Ferck you!

Summer ndio hio inakuja… Do u think these jungus will self quarantine in the summer na vile wanapenda jua… the worst is still to come…u wait

Naskia Corona itadisappear during summer but i don’t know whether it’s true or not


How many of these are individuals who were actually healthy, got infected with covid-19, and then died as a result of it [and not as a result of the treatment they were given]? We need to know the real numbers, so that we can take proper precautions or alternatively know whether we are over-reacting.