Spacing kids

My First born is 3 years old.I feel I need to have my second born.What’s your advise wana Kijiji? is it too soon? am I late? how should the spacing between kids be?

Kama pesa iko msur… Wapange kama stairs. Just like our parents did. Have five… year after year, kisha funga hio chapter.


you recently lost your job, just got another one kwa muhindi. are you stable enough to start thinking of such?


As along as uko na resources go ahead and get a second one…

i waited for your reply on making a system to send premium sms

weka pisha ya bibi/baby mama ndio upate advice.

You’re talking of a second one?
Watakuja Watatu kwa wakati moja…Triple Blessings!

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There goes your answer.

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Making kids should not be about resources rather than what and why you want certain number of kids. I believe many guys lack proper planning then inakusumbua baadae.

My advice is: if you want like 3 kids, get them all at once. I bet when getting the last born uko around 30-35 incase you married at 25-30. Hustle hard for the kids between 30-50 at 55 they are done with university and they are busy tarmacing.

Now my point is: You and your wife are still young at 50-55 waiting for grand kids. You have cash and investments from the hustles at 30. Now its time to do shit you never did, travel, tz, Ethiopia, Sample all the young things you want, go swim with dolphins, cheat with other grannies etc and by the time you hit 65 all those bucket list stuff umemaliza… That is incase you don’t die along the way.

Key factor is 50-65 should not get you surviving to eat. Its the final mature teen age where bucket list should come in handy.
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ngojea huyo aingie kindergarten ndio upate mwingine

I have deduced something from your narrative. Good observation

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ukisema ungoje pesa ikuje utangoja hadi bibi afike menopause. hutashindwa na watoto wawili, unless nyinyi ni wale wa kupeleka watoto zile preparatory schools zenye ziko na olympic size swimming pools and Leyland buses

You can only enjoy 50’s if you saved enough. If you have many kids without enough resources they’ll drain any savings.

The idea is to have kids out of your house by that age. With the small amount left, you and your wife can have lots of fun.

Kupoteza kazi sio hoja bro! Mungu alinipa akili na kuna means mob sana za kumake pesa.Sio kutegemea employment pekee yake

be more specific.A lot was discussed on that thread bro

Go ahead. Staki kuona teenagers kwangu when am 50.

Just do what suits you.

Hakuna formula wala rule of thumb.
Bora ulishe na usomeshe.


Kizazi kitamu ni kuzaa on impulse. Unashtuka ashabeba mimba. Mkifisha… Ee…, nafikiri watatu ndio wazuri na watano ni wengi tu, lakini si zaidi ya watano…, mkifikisha threshold yenu mtafute njia ya kusimamisha ndio mlee.