space ngong rd

Niko space pamoja na snaipie tande , lister/talker mgani/wagani wako Ni buy pombe mkigotea miss tande [ATTACH=full]47153[/ATTACH]

Tande alireduce kusmoke…she is pretty cool btw

U’re at space ?

hii generosity saa tano usiku ni fake na maringo tu…

Naah I knw the place thou

That means u leave around , pass by , drinks , food , anything else , everything on me and i promise to drop u home safely afterwards

She leaves around there…

Maringo ? Mi si dame niringe , just that am philanthropic when high

philanthropic wakati unajua hakuna mtu anaweza ku-drive out saa hizo…

Thanks…It’s nt advisable meeting a 6"5 stranger usiku alone thou, ;)…siku ingine

Leaving and breathing.

Trying to understand , y can’t u drive out now ?

am a gentle giant

@BigMark Ni AP.

Hehehehe i like that am

You can leave around and breath all you can but he is being philanthopically ignorant as he seeks slices…

How often are you high?

30k itaisha two, scoops a rare oyster to reach the overated threshold.