Southwest Flight New York to Dallas Emergency Landing

A Southwest flight on a 737 had to do an emergency landing when there was an un-contained engine failure, shrapnel punctured a window, causing depressurisation, a passenger sitting on the seat next to the window was sucked out halfway but was pulled back in by other passengers.
There was 1 fatality, not sure if it’s the same passenger

Is this a breaking news or news that failed to get broken?

Seat Belt ni kitu ya maana sana

I witnessed a man being hit by a car on thika road on monday. a loud bang and I saw a man five feet above the car’s roof. he travelled above the car for about 20 metres into the ditch between the two roads. hit the roof of the car and dropped into the ditch in front of the car. he twisted his neck in the ditch and was kicking his last when a passer-by medic straightened him so he could breath. imagine msee alikuwa conscious. 30 min first aid and a passing ambulance sped away with him. the toyota auris had the bonnet compacted ungefikiria ni pole imegonga. windscreen was blown away and the roof damaged. msee alichotewa ffrom around hips. ingekuwa gari ya bull bar hakuna kitu tungeokota.
Watu wa mbicha sifanyangi hiyo uchinga. lakini kama una mbicha unaeza ongeza.

Unajua hakuna mtu amekuuliza hii story yote?

The same passenger died.

news that broke nearly two days ago…

[SIZE=7]Passenger partially sucked out of Southwest Airlines plane window was wearing seatbelt[/SIZE]
Updated 40 minutes ago[B]PHOTO:[/B] Family, friends and community leaders are mourning the death of Jennifer Riordan. (AP: Marla Brose/The Albuquerque Journal)
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A mother of two who was sucked out through a broken window on a commercial US airliner died from blunt force trauma to her head, neck and torso.

[SIZE=6]Key points:[/SIZE]
[li]Investigators find evidence of “metal fatigue” in engine[/li][li]Southwest inspecting similar engines in its fleet[/li][li]Tributes flow in for passenger who died in accident[/li][/ul]

Bank executive Jennifer Riordan, 43, was wearing a seatbelt when the window she was sitting next to was broken by debris from an exploded engine, pulling her partially out of the plane.

Several passengers were injured attempting to drag her back inside the aircraft.

A spokesman for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health said Ms Riordan’s death was ruled accidental.[B]PHOTO:[/B] The window was broken when the engine came apart. (Facebook: Marty Martinez)

The investigation into the deadly engine failure on the Southwest jet is focusing on whether wear and tear led to the catastrophic chain of events.

From investigators’ initial findings, the accident appeared remarkably similar to a failure on another Southwest plane two years ago — an event that led the engine manufacturer and regulators to push for ultrasonic inspections of fan blades on engines like the one that blew apart at 10,000 metres over Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

When investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board examined the broken engine in Philadelphia just hours after it made an emergency landing, they immediately saw that one of the left engine’s 24 fan blades was missing.

“This fan blade was broken right at the hub, and our preliminary examination of this was there is evidence of metal fatigue where the blade separated,” said NTSB chairman Robert Sumwalt.[B]PHOTO:[/B] National Transportation Safety Board investigators examine damage to the Southwest Airlines engine. (AP: NTSB)

Metal fatigue is a weakening of metal from repeated use and involves microscopic cracks.

It can occur in fan blades, the aluminium skin on most planes or other metal parts.

Investigators will focus on whether the fan blade broke off at cruising speed — about 800 kilometres per hour — and started an “uncontained” engine failure that sent debris flying like shrapnel into the plane, where it broke a window.

As a precaution, Southwest said it would inspect similar engines in its fleet over the next 30 days.

The incident broke a run of eight years without a fatal accident involving a US airliner.

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[B]VIDEO:[/B] Passenger films oxygen masks dropping inside Southwest Airlines plane (ABC News)

[SIZE=6]Jennifer Riordan remembered as selfless, gracious
Meet Southwest’s hero pilot[/SIZE]
The heroic pilot who calmly landed a Southwest Airlines flight after a mid-air explosion is a former US Navy pilot who was once denied an aviation career on account of being a woman.

Ms Riordan was remembered as a dedicated mother of two known for volunteering and who helped others find jobs.

“Jennifer’s vibrancy, passion, and love infused our community and reached across our country,” her family said.

“Her impact on everything and everyone she touched can never be fully measured. But foremost, she is the bedrock of our family.”

She was well known in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she built a career over more than two decades in community relations and communications after graduating from the University of New Mexico.

Her death generated an outpouring of grief and public sympathy from business leaders in Albuquerque, state elected officials, writers and activists — all who portrayed Ms Riordan as gracious and selfless.

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[B]VIDEO:[/B] Listen to the exchange between the pilot of Southwest Airlines flight 1380 and Philadelphia Tower (ABC News)

The Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce held a moment of silence on Tuesday night during a special reception for new University of New Mexico president Garnett Stokes.

Rebecca Avitia, the executive director of the National Hispanic Cultural Centre in Albuquerque, said that losing Ms Riordan casts a dark, heavy emptiness on the city.

“I’ve heard of references in Mesoamerican lore to a female spirit who appeared to people in need like a blazing sun with wings. In Albuquerque, that was Jennifer Riordan,” Ms Avitia wrote in online post.

“Jennifer, I already miss you.”

[SIZE=6]‘We thought this might be it’[/SIZE][B]PHOTO:[/B] The actions of pilot Tammie Jo Shults were praised by passengers. (Twitter: Kristopher Johnson)

The pilots of the twin-engine Boeing 737 bound from New York to Dallas with 149 people aboard made an abrupt turn toward Philadelphia and began a rapid descent after the engine blew.

Oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling, and passengers prayed and braced for impact.

“We heard a loud noise and the plane started shaking like nothing I’ve ever experienced before,” retired nurse Peggy Phillips told WFAA-TV in Dallas.

“It sounded like the plane was coming apart, and I think we pretty quickly figured out that something happened with the engine.”

She said they started losing altitude and the masks came down, and “basically I think all of us thought this might be it”.



who is the original owner of this art?

Always tie a seat belt until it is slightly uncomfortable.
Sad news though.

Alikuwa anavukia barabara wapi.I hope ni at a designated area.Otherwise tuombe apone ndio aendeleze injili ya uvukaji mwema wa barabara.Last week I knowingly but tactfully pushed a pedestrian out of the road using my side mirror.Hakuwa aumie na hakuumia but he learnt the act of mwenye nguvu mpishe.The road is narrow and the “Momo” coming from the opposite side is taking like 3/4 of the road,what was I to do?.

juzi tu a lady reversing out of a parking would have certainly crashed me if i didn’t retract my forward leg just in time. she had not used the rear mirror before beginning to move.

Sijui tutafanyaje but sasa kwa highway mtu anatembelea huko akifikiria nini

let’s all be careful.

The artist who origionally drew it was a forth grade student named James Dean in 1992 at Sea Park Elementary School in Satelite Beach Florida for a poster contest,there is no verification though .
have been a spin-off of this cartoon by Sal Sepulveda Jr. like the one you asked about

Used to see it drawn on bikes back then and i thought maybe it was african art.

It wasnt a designated area. Almost to Kenol. Was crossing back from viewing another accident scene involving a lorry and a tree being felled.