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That is untrue. Let me give you a hekaya

Ruto had irreparable differences with his dad. One time a group of wazees decided to pay him a visit and reconcile the two. During the meeting at Sugoi, no elder was coming forth to say the agenda of the day for fear of this man and his tempers (MP Reuben Chesire alijionea one time in State House). Wazee wakaangaliana hadi mzito akawaambia waseme kenye imewaleta. Kama ni pesa wasiogope waseme tu. One volunteered and let the cat out of the bag. Nakwambia ile mbio walitolewa hapo ni kama boda boda ya kuibiwo. It’s like the mzee caused him, his mum and his siblings untold suffering when they were growing up. Anyway he built the old man a decent house and gave him a good sendoff when he eventually passed on.[ATTACH=full]143040[/ATTACH]


unataka kusema baba ya ruto alikuwa sonko?

Sometimes, it reaches a point you have to forgive your father, hata kama alikukosea aje.


Mheshimiwa hapendangi ushenzi…akikuzomea anakwambia live live umpende usimpende:D:D:D

I was told his father is from Sigowet Kericho and is Kipsigis.

Surely can there be any irreparable differences between a son and a parent? A parent who brought you to this world… #METHINKING

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but y hate your own father???

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yes that is true

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Lazima alikua na machungu mingi na mzee, But as you say,-:You have to Forgive your Father whatever the circumstances!!

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How nice, DP Uncle Ruto is Kipsigis but raised in Nandi by his mother.

Do you know what “history” means ? Let me school you abit. It comes from 2 words. His&story= history. But the real “my story” is always a mystery.

I would prefer Ruto to speak of “my story(mystery)” than his story(history) budspenser’s.

Sometimes bad blood can develop between a child and a parent to very extreme extent. I know of a cousin who hated his father so much that he did not include his father’s name in his ID. The ID had only 2 names. That’s how I came to realise. No surname!

wah… Thats strange… Ama bangi