Southern Bypass

Finally, today I saw and drove on the bypass from Kikuyu to Karen. Great job, and mbishas coming soon. Kenya tunasonga.

Also the Langata to Ole Sereni, Mombasa road stretch is complete with working street lights. With such roads, life becomes a bit bearable.

Atleast ata wakikula pesa some positive things are coming through

Matatus husonga sana on the stretch between langanta road and Karen

Its good we have something tangible or rather something to write home about. But that is NOT a licence for them to EAT our hard earnes money. Yafaa watu wachapwe marisasi kama China…

With time they’ll just have nothing to eat from once the major projects are done.

Nani emesema!
They’ll eat everything

Imagine Moi did half of that when he wa in power?. Vitu kama hizi tungeziona huko 1995

They will pre-eat hata pesa ya hizo projects…

They will come come up with a project to eat from. Kwani you think that money from kra will also shrink ?Nop they have to spend it that’s how gorvanance works .wacha kufikiria kama kumbe kumbe-termites

44 er cent of Kenyans think Uhuru’s gava is doing well in fighting corruption, but is being let down by a collapsed judiciary.

What reasoning is this .it’s same as " It’s good I have quenched my sexual thirst even if I end up getting syphillis"

Why was arap magardens aid exonerated from nys scandal?

Its time u realised corruption cant die,we just need lower it. Even the so called China type execution still has clients.

Ata’ toa chai ’ during moi s time ended.

you mean getting a kickback is the same as getting a venereal disease?

The exit at kikuyu joining the southern by pass is a joke tubomoe ama?

@Jakoyo, I could advise you on a way to commit suicide painlessly…you only have to ask.

Leta picha wacha UDAKU. Huu UDAKU uliuwa haille sellasie