Southern bypass. Wueh! Jamaa ameponea.


its legal in Carlifonia to feed on road kill :D:D… Unlikily its in shithole ke

Shait. Hope everyone is okay including the animal. @cortedivoire kujia Roadkill ukule kama kawa

Those are some silly drivers, how can you go at such speed with animals running on the side hata haujipatii reaction time in case the animal decides to come on the road

Very reckkess. Kuna zizi la ngombe hapo kwa underpass ya dagoreti. This is endangerment of property and humanl ife!

Very reckless .

Meffi wewe. Lakini shait

Sasa kama umeitiwa coomer kinoo na dryspell ni ya 3months…what do u expect:D

animals have the right of the way !

Kweni io ngamia ilenda driving school wapi! If see animals running kwa barabara you slow the fuck down.

Really, you are blaming the driver?
So what else should we be looking for driving on a highway built for cars? Elephants? Pigs?
The owner of those cows should be in handcuffs.

But why were these fools speeding. Common sense would dictate that one slows down when you encounter animals

Mimi huskia ukigonga ngombe kwa barabara mwenye ngombe ndio anakulipa

Lakini mwenye ng’ombe pia ni shenzi tu.

Kenyans respect other road users including livestock. It is a crime to endanger lives of other road users by speeding when you are seeing a running cow because cows don’t know that you have the right of way.

Kenyans should stop being stupid.

His being in handcuffs won’t do much if you are dead or in a wheelchair bcz of your stupidity

Huyo driver wanafaa walale kwa government lodgings leo.

Wewe Ni fala the owner ako na makosa but for your own safety yafaa you slow down mpaka ziishe

The cattle owner is on the wrong but the driver must be a very stupid fella.

Hio ngombe inakaa ni gashwin vile aliona hawezi toboa life hapa na maua zake