South Sudan

Kimeumana tena. Heavy gun fire near presidential palace.

The country turns 5 years tomorrow.

Greed and discrimination are not a sustainable.
These stupid guys have made Bashir seem like a saint

The curse of the black gold.

More like the greed of the blackman

kama vile mca mmoja wa migori alisema,charcoal black primates does not make very good leaders

when white police officer shoots blacks just like that what dou you expect

that is very racist…and I refute that because kibaki was sooo black but a good leader

These guys are tribalists level 10. As I’ve mentioned before, these guys post a lot of shit on Facebook. Most are abroad

More like the blackheads.
These southsudanese are nilotes, Sitataja mandugu zao huku.

The funny thing they are not interested with the suffering of citizens, all they are thinking is taking or retaining power

What I find weird ni hao madem wa ki-sudi!! Kaa wote wana kinembe "clit"mrefu kaa vako

This people should be classified as the most dumb humans existing in modern times. Corruption and tribalism is 100%.
Salva kiir is calm, but his hands are tied by the donors i.e. UK and US. He can’t make any major decision touching on the welfare of S.Sudan citizens as much he wishes to fulfill the wishes of their founding father Garang.
Machar on the other hand is just a spoiler backed partly by Chinese and America. The very first day he returned to Juba he lowered the duty for petroleum products. This has not gone well with many suppliers based based Kenya.

Lakini wa ushago have undergone fgm big time
Talking of clit mine needs a Dick fr kachabari ASAP

Wrong. His hands are tied by the Generals and a group calling itself Jieng Council of Elders.

Ngai fafa Purity, tupatane B club leo jioni as we strategize how and where to perform kachabari

Okay… Jameson manenoz

mimi ni pro in ngwiko,unatakaje?

150 soldiers dead after yesterday’s fight

:(…may they r.i.p only God can help africa

And whose interest are they fronting, because it’s not patriotism to to their president hostage.