South Americans Matching Into The USA By The Thousands. Tamu Sana

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This would lower wages and US would eventually bring back manufacturing to the US. But again, if you want to benefit heavily, enter legally. Ukiingia Illegally utakuwa unalipwa $3/hr while normal peeps get $15/hr. You can’t sue because hauko kwa system.

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Will some of these illegals vote for democrats?

States like New York are actually considering let them vote but the law was rejected. US sio kama UK where non citizens vote (must be part of the Commonwealth though)

Excellent! Footage tamu tamu. Europe ijae arabu. Halafu yuess ijae akina pedro and juanita. Muthungu lazima afinywe kabisa akuwe minority

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ndio watu wafike hapa how bad must things be back at home…but south americans are a bunch of crazy coloured bonobos who love an easy going lifestyle without putting too much hard work

The better!

Those of you in here bemoaning the arrival of South American Migrants into southern USA clearly don’t know your History…

With the EXCEPTION of indigenous First Nation American Communities who arrived there over 5000 years ago …

EVERYONE else , (…including Donald Trump and his loudmouth Anti-Immigration MAGA and GOP morons …) is either an Immigrant , Refugee or a decendent of one …

So , in essence …
The USA is a nation of immigrants …
And it became a great Nation built on a foundation of the sweat of Slave and Immigrants Labour …

And all the entitled white , racist conservative noises should NEVER forget it…

Ngombe Kabisa , all of them …!!!


Voting uko is not that important. The result is always the same. Si kama hapa kazi ni kunyongana Election Day. Alafu jamaa kazi ni ku loot serikali.

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Manipulation of Voting Results is just more intelligent in the USA .

  • Gerrymanderlng - manipulating the boundaries of an Electoral constituency so as to favour one party or class.
    This is a favorite of the GOP and their Far Right Supporters.
  • Voter Suppression - attempts to gain an advantage by reducing the turnout of certain types or races of voters.
    The tactics of voter suppression range from changes that increase voter fatigue, intimidating or harming prospective voters , using legistlative GOP super-majorities in state legistlature to pass laws that disenfranchise minority voters.

Election Fraud is still Election Fraud by any other name …

White Americans feel so entitled and cry how they dont want immigrants yet they themselves are products of immigrants. Their grandfathers and great grandfathers found the Native Americans living peacefully and they slaughtered them to near extinction and stole their land. They should just accept that immigrants will be part of them.

Kwanza UK in the next few years will be filled with immigrants mostly from India, Africa and the Carribbean. Their numbers keep increasing by the day.


Great. I hope we fuck Caucasians to extinction. Kukuwe tu mixed races everywhere

Imagine learning about the British Empire controlling the world saa hio imejaa tu mixed races citizens.

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That will be good for the world. Hakuna white supremacy chieth

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