South America na Africa.

Hawana propaganda vessels because of why?

USA/North America - CNN, Fox, AP News, Bloomberg, VOA

Germany - DW News

France - France24, AFP

China - CGTN, Xinhua, Global Times

Arabistan - Al Jazeera

UKistan - BBC, Reuters,

Russia - RT news

Special mention: India - WioN news (has a very small market share but enough to tell their own story)

Sio cheap kukua na globally audible vessels

The so called ‘propaganda vehicles’ in the US, Fox News in particular, will be their own downfall.
They are propaganding their way to the end of the US empire.

100% of regular Fox news watchers are literal zombies.

I would rather our current model where there is at least some pretense of impartiality. No one will watch African content outside Africa anyway.

That settles it.

Elites wanawacheza.

But I don’t think it would be practical for Blackrock or Vanguard to influence decisions in every company they own shares.
They have shares in almost every listed company on earth.
Their combined assets under management is close to the US GDP.

It make sense to influence the media. Information is power.

Rupert Murdoch is cancer

Kenya iko na KOT