South African scientists detect new Covid ‘super-variant': will this thing ever end?

Konyagi na wale CSs alikuwa nao South Africa starting with Moe-tah-he Car-gwe should be put on quarantine for 14 days. Kama sio hivyo watuachishe.

chinese virus


I think that it will end when the humanity finds the way to cure COVID.
It is something like the flu. I mean that everybody knows that the flu mutates every year and the scientists make new vaccines accordingly, but not all of the people get vaccinated against the virus. Anyway, even if you catch the flu, you can cope with it without being hospitalized, you can just cure your symptoms pretty easily in most of the time and you’ll be alright in a week or so. The situation about COVID is the opposite. It is quite difficult to cure it especially if your immune system is weak, so it is detrimental to the health of many people. That is why I feel that the vaccines are made in order to win some time for the scientists to come up with the medication which will deal with the symptoms of the virus, so that everyone will be able to cure it by themselves.