South Africa Would Just Be A Jungle Had It Not Been For The Brutal Dutch

This article vindicated me just like Kabogo’s words of 2017 came true in 2020. most people with common sense agree to this FACTS
Semeni ni self hate but there are the facts for you to digest.
[SIZE=6]41 Countries produce LESS finished Goods than Belgium. [/SIZE]

Never seen made in Belgium anywhere, ata Kwa bra

Ukweli usemwe. SA, Zimbabwe even Kenya things were working before independence. Now, everything is cooked
[SIZE=6]Exactly!! That tells you how little 41 Bonobo countries produce <1% of Global finished products including Coffee and Cocoa!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Saw a documentary on youtube and some niggers in Cameroon rural areas had never seen Chocolate as of Nov 2019 yet cocoa beans are their cash crop[/SIZE]

Look at Nigeria today. They have oil shortages every month despite them being one of the biggest oil producer in Africa

It would help if you highlighted the reasons you think Belgium is better economically than the whole continent instead of using race.

HAITI was the richest courntries in it’s time b4 france made it fall…

Tunajua they looted and still do everything from us.

Why don’t we go and colonize Europe then? Why are we always the victims?

World trade is heavily skewed in favour of Western countries. Western media (and westerners) will never acknowledge that fact. We just can’t compete. We cannot sell processed coffee internationally because we’ll be taking jobs from a certain village in Germany. Nigerian’s too can’t refine their own crude ( which is very high grade btw) because of restrictive covenants with the likes of BP. Congolese guys whose land is resource rich cannot be allowed to have a stable government because of the various powers sponsoring millitia all over the country. These western countries heavily subsidise their farmers allowing them to sell their produce at next to nothing.
Africans are basically meant to consume.

All I see in your reply is VICTIM, VICTIM VICTIM. Why can’t we have a united Africa with 1 Currency, 1 Passport, 1 Traffic Code?

Because we’ll need to trade with the west and trust me they’re not about to let us use our currency or ‘unite’ as you naively put it.

Read this…

ISMAIL AKWEI | Contributor
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Rwanda faces suspension of its African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) benefits by the United States over its decision to ban the importation of used clothes, while Tanzania and Uganda have succumbed to the threats issued in the past two years.

U.S. President Donald Trump has notified Congress of the suspension of duty-free treatment for all AGOA-eligible apparel products from Rwanda in 60 days, says the Deputy U.S. Trade Representative C.J. Mahoney in a statement issued this week.

“The President believes suspension of these benefits, instead of termination of Rwanda’s status as an AGOA beneficiary, would allow for continued engagement with the aim of restoring market access and thereby bringing Rwanda into compliance with the AGOA eligibility requirements,” said the statement.

“The President is not suspending benefits for Tanzania and Uganda because each has taken steps toward eliminating prohibitive tariff rates on imports of used clothing and footwear and committed not to phase in a ban of these products,” it added.

READ ALSO: U.S. issues ultimatum to three African countries to reverse ban on used clothes imports
Mahoney commended Tanzania and Uganda for reversing the ban and added that the U.S. will continue to monitor whether they “implement these commitments and demonstrate compliance with all of AGOA’s eligibility requirements.”

“I commend Tanzania and Uganda for taking corrective steps to address the United States’ concerns. We have and will continue to work with Rwanda to resolve this situation … The President’s determinations underscore his commitment to enforcing our trade laws and ensuring fairness in our trade relationships,” he said.
In February, the head of economic and regional affairs at the Africa Bureau of the US State Department issued the three countries a one-week ultimatum to reverse the ban or face trade sanctions.
The six-nation (East African Community) EAC comprising of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and South Sudan decided to fully ban imported second-hand clothes and shoes by 2019, arguing that it would help member countries boost domestic clothes manufacturing.
As signatories to the AGOA trade programme which offers them duty-free access to the United States, their decision violated the programme’s conditions which includes the eliminating barriers to U.S. trade and investment, among others.

The United States was petitioned by the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART) which complained that the ban “imposed significant hardship” on the U.S. used-clothing industry and violated AGOA rules.

Kenya withdrew its decision to ban used clothes imports after earlier threats by the United States to review trade benefits which Kenya was a major beneficiary. The other countries did not budge.
Rwandan President Paul Kagame had stated that his country will proceed with the ban on used clothes imports and will choose to grow its local textile industry at the expense of being a member of the AGOA.
Uganda and Rwanda had raised taxes for used clothes and offered incentives to manufacturers to invest in their local textile industry.
U.S. imports from Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda totalled $43 million in 2016, up from $33 million in 2015 while exports were $281 million in 2016, up from $257 million in 2015.

Bonobos are a cursed people

This Nigger is speaking the hard truths. Niggers are a cursed race

what stops Africa from consuming what we produce?

Kenya can ban mitumba and sell the textiles produced in the EPZ to Kenyans. What’s hard about that?

Ghana can make chocolate from their cocoa beans and sell it to Ghanaians.

What is stopping Congolese from arming themselves and forming local militias to defend local people and local mines?

The problem is simple: Africans don’t think. They will do what they are taught to do or what they see others doing without ever stopping to ask why they do it.

Some rifles, KPLC transformers from Belgium, take a walk across to Congo as well. And Google is your friend, don’t be ignorant…

South Africa is heading down south real quick, anyplace the blacks/colored are a majority is a jungle!!!
Congo doesn’t qualify to be referred to as a country, same goes for Nigeria!!
Rwanda has the discipline, and potential!
zoomalia!!! Less said the better
Lastly Kenya, BBI, is more important than anything else here… Politics is the order of the day
But am sure we can easily rationalize all this by blaming slave trade and colonialism, and also the leaders we choose because we are brainless when voting!!

This kind of reasoning is very prevalent across the continent and the reason why I have come to believe Africans are an inferior race.
The problem is always others and and we have no control over our future until the benevolent whites let us.
In 1990, China has a GDP of 360 billion dollars. They were where Nigeria is today. China today has a gdp of 12 trillion dollars and will be bigger than the US by 2030 in nominal terms.
Do you think they would have succeeded if they had this African kinda victim mentally?


Hata pombe inaitwa BUDWEISER Na CORONA hujaona?

In short you are saying Africans are bonobos?

They can’t think hence they can’t negotiate

Africans can’t even trade amongst themselves!!!