South Africa rapper AKA shot dead


Oh God, may he RIP


Nyeuthi africanos wakona shida Mara Eskom mara Gupta’s mara aka …fuck s.a

He was my favourite African rapper. Casper Nyovest and Nasty C got nothing on em. RIP to him

He was good but always picking unnecessary beef with fellow artists.

He was just outspoken
Just the other day his fiance jumped to her death…so many blamed him because he was apparently high on drugs.
I am not implying anything but one thing I know about South Africans is if you fvck up with the wrong dude hakuna stori na justice system…they simply come for you with flying bullets.

Apparently people said there was a scuffle between the two before she plummeted to concrete.
Ever since her death henever visited durban. The girl was from a very wealthy family. People are
speculating the dad put a hit on him. The video is gristly, the guy dropped down immediately…
But honestly rappers are dumb af if you are going to post a story/ feed in a place you are still in.
There’s a bunch of jealous mofos and thieves.

Zulus don’t forgive…and almost all Zulus visit sangomas and communicate directly with their ancestors…AKA was a marked man

People speculate that the girl didnt jump to her death as its has been put forward, she was pushed down to her death by AKA. Apparently when the jump was happening from the hotel room, AKA was high asf on drugs. He had no idea what was going on. Before her death, the girl implied that she was in an abusive relationship with AKA and before her death she was in a bad mental state.

Never knew the dude…but the link with GF death na yake is obvious…whodunit…mzansi emulates ibdenistan…with similar lethal consequences…

Whoever took away my boy lucky dube…nikawahi ingia SA naweza…sisemi

SA’s murder tactics were horned in the taxi wars and are now being exported to every other realm of life.

Also watch how politicians murder each other, especially at the ANC ward/Councillor level. A typical politician from KZN is usually guarded by a small army

Does visiting a Sangoma really help or is it just to validate one’s choices and decisions. If one has a Sangomas blessing, why would they worry about enemies and hire so much security?

Damn, live life to the fullest , cause one time you’re here the other you are gone

It doesn’t.
Sangomas are the reason hiv is so prevalent in kzn…zulu men and prostitutes visit sangomas for protection against hiv
Robbers are given special bracelets by sangomas to wear during their missions…each costs between 50-100k
Cash in transit heists protection bracelets cost upwards of ksh 1m.
Almost all thugs from kzn visit sangomas before engaging in any criminal undertaking…even rapists do have the blessings of sangomas