South Africa president amesema its not the work of govt to provide country with stima



Aibu kubwa zaidi. All they’re supposed to do is manage and expand the infrastructure, and here we are .

He is right. Government is supposed to regulate private electric providers, not own electric generators…unless it’s a socialist system.

Si watoe monopoly

Ramaphosa is now just wilding out!

Ameanza kuongea kama our own “Ndee”

Huyu ndio amegundua Zuma was onto something when he used to act like a mad man! Zuma alikua top-shelf wild!

What happened to Eskom, it used to advertise that it had the biggest m@kende in Africa. That one day its power will irrigate half of Sahara desert

Haha apes can’t run anything. They were given a developed country and run it to the ground

I keep on reminding you about neoliberalism. One of its hallmarks is privatisation. Governments in Africa will be forced to privatize most of the businesses it “owns”. JP Morgan has set shop in Kenya to get a piece of the privatisation cherry @Simiyu22

Blacks walianza ku manage eating started from there no investment in infrastructure

All the managers at SA power company have been wazungu.

Afrikaners built cabora bossa to power south Africa. It’s a pity those bonobos can’t built shit to cater to a growing population.

Zuma was busy handing out coal power plant contracts to Guptas for kickbacks.

During apartheid, a staggering 60% of SA budget was used to cater for nyeuthis in townships. The simpletons will eat, drink and copulate non stop. Crime was unheard of. Lakini telling them to run complex projects with big names like National Grid is inviting a mass nervous breakdown

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