South Africa doesn't want you.


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cc @Yunomi. See?

iyo iko na veins mob, juu ya Ku… kubembeleza mjomba…

In the meantime kenya, in the spirit of Pan-Africanism, is open to all Africans…lakini naweza elewa hawa s.africans hawataki tuwapelekee mashida

South Africa will come crumbling down very hard. At that time they will wish other Africans nations to come to their help but we won’t. Wanajiskia sana na hako ka GDP kao ka $400b ni kama Mzansi is heaven in Africa.

South Africa has a problem with Nigerians, somalis, Zimbabweans and mozambicans who in all honesty have flooded that country and acquired citizenships fraudently. Kenyans in S.A. are mostly postgraduate students and expatriates…in 2011 we were only around 11,000 and most of us could be accounted for…yes, they have a problem with Africans but not really kenyans

This is really sad. At a time when Africans should be coming together we get policies like these dividing Africans.

My solution is simplistic to a fault…
The late Nyerere once said that Africans really need only 3 things…

1/ Uzalendo ( Nationalism)
2/ Clean Politics ( and Politicians)
3/ Servant Leadership.

Lets Build our country on the example of Singapore or Malaysia and all good things will come to our doorstep…

Niko huku nangoja apartheid sn2 iyo muvi haikuishanga.Nano atakuwa Mandela this round.