Sour Grapes: Justifications Coming in 1...2....3

Utaanza kuskia ati oh, kiambaa imeonyesha Ruto haezi pata more than 50 % of Mt. Kenya votes, ati oh, chupilee is still strong, ati oh, uhru is till the kingping…(ongeza zingine)

These losers will talk a lot of bullshit. However, the UDA win in Kiambaa is an indication that uhuru is a lameduck president and the so-called ‘system’ is overrrated. Wamejaribu juu chini kuiba kura wakashindwa. amalize aendee!!!

A clear indication that mwizi 2 will have it rough. To clinch power, he needs 90% of central votes. What will happen if Uhuru himself decides to go to mashinani? Hardly will he get 40%. Which is a good thing

A popular candidate njama could have won this seat by 80% on his own. No he decided money is sweet. Took jayden money, jubilee party money and state money. They spent over 300 million that ended up in in brokers pockets mostly for example the 100 million that jayden gave, 95 million was shared by his cronies and friends. 5 million reached njama. He protested and jubilee party had to organize more funds to him. Then come the harambee house prefects with state funding to give chiefs, DO’s and police. To bribe voters and try compromise agents/IEBC officials.

All in all a popular candidate who had already won from the start, backed by the president, ruling party, personal wealth, state wealth, police and government machinery lost. He lost to the third most popular candidate boosted by Hustlers, 6 month old UDA and Chief Hustler. All in 4 weeks campaign. Now imagine the race of DP Uncle Ruto vs giddy vs RAT. My friend, thanks for the excise and sharpening the campaign teams.


You be sarcastic in this statement, but it has a lot if weight.
-Who will the 50% who didn’t vote for UDA vote for( now that jubilee is dead)?

  • Will this tilt the balance in favour of a coalition candidate?
  • ?

these are the justifications i’m talking about. Do you mean all who voted kariri njama will not vote for Ruto amka nani

The 50% may as well vote for Ruto. remeber kariri njama wa popular, and the state bribed voters. Nothing like that will happen in 2022

UDA narrowly won. Angekuwa amemeuacha na kura elfu mbili that would show something.

Alafu si Muguga Jubilee won? Don’t underestimate the president and his party.

Njamba is not RAT nor is he jayden. It says a lot that a whole President and a whole opposition leader are hiding behind a losing MP candidate for popularity. Kiambas is a few minutes from Hayden home but all the money, state machinery and popular candidate could not win him a MP seat.

Let me give you a better example can jayden win Kiambu governor seat against UDA candidate. Jayden and jubilee are toxic to the voters. Support or endorsements from them is political suicide. Served and noticed yesterday. UDA wave took unpopular candidate to win against all odds. Que in 2022.

Anyway I still see the sense of denial is still strong. It started with Jubilee is still supported by older voters:D. This was just a reversal. Wait until the ballot reads WSR vs RAT vs others ndio utaona kura vizuri.

Njama lost because of his association with jubilee. He was my preferred candidate and I know a lot of people who really liked him but were conflicted about voting for a jubilee candidate especially when they saw it as possibly bringing back the chest thumping murathes, kamanda, bbi , muthamakism etc. some did close their eyes and vote him inspite. Others didn’t. I believe had Njama stood as an independent, he would have won. Had he stood with UDA, it would have been a landslide win.

the muguga UDA candidate had some bad reputation and am very glad he lost. Parties need better due diligence. The times of 100% dependence on party are gone.

Jubilee needs more of such coping statements now more than ever.

We didn’t lose Muguga, we could have even presented how single votes were stolen or dozens of votes bought at the polling stations. Kidogo kidogo until then won by 27 votes. However Chief Hustler overruled challenging the results. Elections isn’t just about leaders but the people. No need for another by election in the same area just one year to the General election. The winning candidate will serve only for 8 months anyway.

The point had being made anyway. Alot of potential and current candidates for 2022 have started fundraising for their campaign. By October they will need to open campaign accounts and give IEBC those details as per the new constitution provisions that take effect with this 2022 elections. All candidates now know UDA is the popular party wave right now. It can get its candidates elected despite full force against them. We are well organized and well run. Time for simultaneous grassroots campaigns and government has to match us in all 1500 wards.

UHURU will go to mashinani and SELL RAO?

RAO get 40% of CENTRAL votes because of UHURU?

YAANI UHURU is reduced to celebrating by-election ward wins (very narrow wins) in his own backyard?

I can’t tell whom you are telling that bit there is a lot of denials going around. First let people tell us whom DP Uncle Ruto will be running against to know where they come up with such figures of % votes against him.

This is just rehearsals. I’m trying to imagine Chief Hustler himself campaign in Kiambaa. It will be 97% with Njama as chief campaigner. Now imagine the competition is RAT. :smiley:

Day dreaming is dangerous

I am very glad he lost whichever way. If such weirdos are what UDA plans for central, then they should lose. UDA need better candidate due diligence!


Since Uhuru parted ways with the butcher of sugoi, he has evolved to be a democrat.obvious angetaka kuingiza jubilee candidate na kifua, he could have rigged him in to save his face, na nothing could have happened.

Jubilee candidate lost because of his party, he didn’t loose because of his personality or capabilities.again the same county that voted in waititu to teach kabogo a lesson has voted in UDA to teach jubilee a lesson.politics of vengeance is there greatest undoing.

Meanwhile ruto has proved a point, that he can take his boss head on. He is a formidable competitor but it’s prematurely manifested.

Baba is a political genius, mt. Kenya has always voted as a block, they are now split into two, rift valley is not stable either.

uhuru tried to rig the whole night but he was not successful, he is not a democrat as you say


justifications zinaingia kwa wingi heheeee…I said it