Sounds of guns shots come to a halt in Rift valley, is the govt winning over bandits.

We no longer hear, bullets flying anyhowly in the rift…anybody with leaked Intelligence about bandits

Itabidi uulize boy wetu @Gaza

Kumenyesha… Wacha ardhi ikauke kidogo uone kina @Gaza wakisumbua marakwets, samburus, ilchamus, turkana, and tugens …it’s also a resource based conflict, atleast at the surface of it

Resident rustler with claim they’re regrouping, restrategising or something along those lines…ati it’s the calm before the imminent storm

:D:D:D 99% of villagers and elders have never met or have an interaction with a pokot bandit. Good luck getting one

Watch the Russo-Nazi War and see how the propaganda is rife… Then judge for yourself

True there is grass everywhere. Mambo yatachemka after the rains and the grass.