sounds like a bad joke...

What if it happens…???..[ATTACH=full]168869[/ATTACH]

Leta link.Nisumbuane huko.


Rainbow Nation…


Hawa wazungu kwani wamerogwa na hii LGBTI? :confused:

Wale wasee wanapenda ku K.O. wakichapa drinks wasiende hii bash:D:D:D:D:D

@Liberty kuja na usitumane. Pepo mbaya inatafuta mwanya.

@pseudonym The Girl with the Scissor Tattoo is that you agreeing with these guys who are mad they ain’t invited to an LGBTI happy hour.


Say no to batty boy na chichi men…matako ni ya kupupu pekee yake

Na sound effects


Ati wasiende,police should raid the place and whip them senseless

He he he!
A very useful function.

I’m yet to understand the west white man obsession with male african behinds. They even offered us aid if we sign up. Its more than skewed perversion, is it drugs or acculturation.

@crasher_18 naona kama birionea ushapewa invite . hapo mahomo watakuwa on Canadian land hawawes guzwa

Alafu huku tunafuata ki ujinga shiet



Ati no photography and video:mad:. Zipigwe hawa watu waanikwe