Soundcore q10

I had the chance to test soundcore Q10.

  1. Sound quality
    The bass was great it is clear and has no distortion. The treble is great if you switch off the bass up button. (for the best results get a phone or tablet that has dolby atmos, I tested it on Samsung galaxy tab a7)
    Its 40mm drivers deliver high resolution sound
  2. Comfort
    It has memory foam earpads. You can use it the whole day
  3. Battery
    It can last for 60 hours. Recharging from 0% - 100% is 1 hour
  4. Cost
    It’s shs 4,800 (at jbl and sony headphone with similar features is 10k and above


I think I have either the Q20 or Q30s in the house - I can’t remember which is which. They are okay headphones but nothing really spectacular and you have to pay much more to get something decent. The connection is solid though (ble) and I use them occasionally. I think the clamping force is a bit on the higher side, it seems okay for the first 30 minutes but after an hour you want them off your head. So choose carefully.

I don’t have the Q10s and wouldn’t buy any headphone which you can’t tilt the earcups. Other than that they are decent.

Clamping force? If your head is bigger than mine then im worried

Wa earbuds tukae wapi

Anker wako sawa. Nimependa vitu vyao. Natafuta anker motion boom outdoor speaker kwa bei nafuu. Mwenye anauza anijulishe tufanye biashara.

I bought headphones for indoor use. The sound difference is significant esp bass and my headphones aren’t even expensive, just some jumia generics

get rave mini

get either of this and thank me later

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 - Black
Soundcore Liberty Air 2 - White
Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro - Black

anker products are the best! be it powerbanks, speakers, eufy ,accessories etc

After 30 minutes I can not stand headphones however quality they are

Switch off the bass up button and equalizer. Listen to your music without any enhancements. Go to developer mode and disable absolute volume to reduce the loudness

How does it compare with Sony Wh-1000xm4? Ama bado niendelee kusave?

Endelea kusave