Soundbar recommendations for an active subwoofer

Hi little ones. I’ve been using this Sony SA-W2500 subwoofer works fines with tv speakers as midrange so far so good. But now I’d like to include a Bluetooth option probably a soundbar to work as midrange and also separate tv from the subwoofer ndio niweze kucheza music from phone bila kutumia tv.
My dilema is that can’t seem to find any soundbar that supports audio output. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know or another other option. Note keyword is to have Bluetooth

I thought all sound bars have Bluetooth

Yes they do. But how will the soundbar communicate with the subwoofer. They all seem to support audio in not audio out

So nunua subwoofer ikona BT pamoja na soundbar.

uza hio sony alafu nunua set mpya sound bar na subwoofer

Nothing can match up the punch on that kasony maybe jbl 5.1 na bei yake nayo apana

Si ununue tu Bluetooth receiver dongle yenye playback high quality kama UGreen Bluetooth 5.0 ama hii haigwes saidia?

another option will be to get an AVR, an entry level one for that case. I don’t think you’ll get a soundbar with sub pre-out without its subwoofer.