Sound system in Kericho

Hey there. Anybody here from Kericho who can recommend a place I can get a good sound system for budget price? Except from the supermarkets. This quarantine manenos is boring the shit out of me…

Why dont you order from Jumia? Or just walk around am sure there are a couple o electronic shops selling quality systems

Mimi si mwenyeji huku so I wanted some leads… Na jumia will be a last option juu ya duration of delivery.

Crystal Embassy, Kericho town

afadhali you use the Walalo guys at electronics centre luthuli, and they deliver via G4S within a day or 2. Radio ni 15k nairobi utapata inauzwa 25k kericho. Save that cash, hii corona hujui mahali itatufikisha

Tafuta @syndicate he delivered one sometime back, na pia mimi niko mashinani

I won’t suggest you to order from Jumia. I’ve ordered some speakers 3 months ago, and the delivery hasn’t still arrived. However, if you’re looking for a decent record player at a good price check out this website . I had a very nice experience buying some sound accessories with the help of this guys. They are really professional in doing their job, so they can help you in choosing the right product in accordance with your needs. Also, you’ll be given the page with the most affordable price and delivery options, where you can buy it from. Hope it will help you!

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