Sound system huwa complicated aje


Thats a setup for demonstration purposes, you can eliminate half of the equipment there kama budget yako iko chini, and can also add more if you are well off. The higher the amount spent, the more clarity and kick in your music.

Visit Skar or Bassheads on a budget pages on facebook uone setup zinafika almost 5M ksh, zenye hupasua madirisha ukipita. They set up some laws huko to control such music on normal highways, and are nowadays used in competitions kama zile za homeboyz unplugged kitambo.

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The sound coming from that system is pathetic. Watu wajue kutofautisha between clear sound and noise.

Nani anataka hii taka taka yote kwa nyumba? JBL soundbar all the way

Avr the best always. If you know you know

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