Sound proof wallpaper

Wadau, how can you reduce/eliminate sound coming out of wooden wall or let’s say even mabati.

Sound proofing a room is expensive. You’ll need asbestos.

Aiii boss this is not russia in the seventies. Asbestos was banned in '06.

Be specific,mabati ama mbao. Jaribu
Gypsum ceiling supplies. Hizi ni za panelling then boarding with chip or ply wood[ATTACH=full]369465[/ATTACH]

Ama uingie gikosh side ya kamukunji ujishikie low density recycled matresses,same panelling job[ATTACH=full]369466[/ATTACH]

Ama ukijiskia birrionea ingia kenworks ventures ukamate hizi for walling

Asante for the correction basi.

Specifically wooden wall

Hama Mabatini. Birrioneas hawatambuangi Mitaa duni.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to move?

You can say that , but am here looking for business ideas

I recently had an experience with soundproofing that might interest you. I moved to a new apartment and realized the walls were paper-thin – I could hear my neighbors’ conversations and their TV shows like they were in my living room! I did some research and decided to try soundproof wallpaper. It’s not the thickest material, but it made a noticeable difference in reducing noise. Plus, it was pretty easy to apply and didn’t require any professional help.

One thing that also helped was installing a Vinyl floor in Singapore. The combination of soundproof wallpaper and the vinyl floor really made the space quieter and more comfortable. I’m curious if anyone else has tried soundproof wallpaper or other DIY soundproofing methods? What worked for you? I saw some folks mentioning heavy curtains and even bookcases against the wall – did those make a big difference?