Soul ties, kunyonga mangi and other stories

This is why our ancestors used to send surveillance teams to the homes of potential inlaws, to identify any signs of ushawi and other abnormalities. Imagine having a relationship with such a messed up person. Hawa talkers wetu ambao hutembelea SJ and other brothels, si mumefanya thousands of soul tie connections? @Starscream kijana mdogo you must have hundreds of demon wives. Ya’ll need deliverance to break soul ties. Ghaseer nyinyi.
[SIZE=1]acha nishugulikie Palmela kidogo alafu nikwom.

I bathe with holy oil and holy water siwes shikwa na demon

shiney eyes call it " beating the drum of hell"
wacha, otherwise utanyonga hadi siku yesu atarudi

If masturbating is having sex with a demon, then 99 percent of adult men and women have slept with demons.

Soul ties? Why does it sound like bullsheet? Sleeping with demons?,i always thought that they are in spirit form…or just a thought ,but to actually shag one…wellllllll…

mafuta ya nguruwe jike kinga dhabiti

Pastor @Liberty please give a sermon on soul ties again

au mfupa ya nguruwe

Explain like am 5. Why would demons fear pigs?

Anyway, lets check out this girl mnyongaji. Has anyone thought of psychological issues? How come hizi vitu za uchawi/mademoni huwa ukambani, coast, ujaluoni na kwa waluhya? Coincidentally, that is where psychological issues zimejaa.

unajua nguruwe ndiye mnyama wa kipekee anaeza donate blood kwa bin adamu?

unajua hakuna damu ingine demons zinaweza survive isipokuwa damu ya nguruwe na binadamu?

Unajua kwa nini waislamu, wenye hutumia majini, hawawezi kula nguruwe?

Hai, mbona red cross na hospitali zinataka blood donations? They could easily rear pigs for that. Human to human donation bado ni noma, pig to human haiwes.

Demons can live without food bwana. Ile siku Yesu alifufuka, why did he ask Thomas to put his finger through the holes in his hands?

Waislamu hawakuli nguruwe because they consider it dirty, not because they fear it.

Fanya research kwanza kuhusu damu ya nguruwe kama inakubaliana na ya binadamu. Pole pole. Scientific research.

Demons suffer a lot when outside human or pig blood. They begged Jesus, “Send us among the pigs; allow us to go into them"

Waislamu hawakatai nguruwe eti juu iko chafu. Kama unadeal na majini, huwezi kula nguruwe, utakufa! sio kitu ya kuchezea

You know the demons killed those pigs immediately by rushing them to water. They caused death and destruction as they had intended to but were unable with humans.

Demons suffering outside humans? Hii ni movies and fiction. No where in the Bible is this true. They enter humans to cause mayhem and destruction, not to survive.

So, on the third point, do african christians believe in pigs because their muslim brothers fear them? Ama they believe in them for their intrinsic ability to ward off demons? Vile ziliingiwa na mashetani they don’t seem to resistant to possession.

Just checked out two things.

  1. While considered possible, pig - human blood transfusion has not been tested. But it os possible.

  2. Actually, God and christians consider the pig to be unclean (Isaiah 65:1-4). How african christians use the unclean to defeat unclean spirits beats me.


These are terms developed by evangelical Christians which have no basis in the Bible. The Bible is very clear about the things that God allows human beings to do and those which are prohibited (sins). It doesn’t offer some readymade rewards for good deeds or immediate punishment for sins. That’s why we have many people who have killed, stolen, tortured others etcetera yet they are still free and enjoying life yet on the other hand we have good people who live in poverty and suffering. God also provides a chance for repentance for any human being despite the awful things he/she might have done in the past. Thus, arguing that a person who slept with a number of people is a condemned being harbouring thousands of demons is declaring something that is not in the Bible.