Soul ties and how to break them.

Isn’t that sexual immortality… That opens doorways for demon possession.

The signature being what?


And that’s why I need to break any generational curse or ties

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Are you also saying traditional polygamy is a sin?

I can tell you like me even better. With the way I point out the unspeakable truth…:rolleyes:

That’s what the implication is.

Sijataja mtu Pst Kanyari


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Denial is good for the lost… Feels extremely nice

So my grandad who had 3 wives will go to hell?


You missed the point by like a gazillion kilometres. why do most men do this, if a woman is on your case, disagreeing with you/ disproving your points, you either attack her sexuality or Accuse her of being into you ? Mscheeeeew

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Thanks for outing yourself.

Who am I to judge

Where is the feud coming from btwn you two brethren?

I want you to think and reflect upon yourselves on how lazy and unrealistic we are;
One can take 1hour to scroll meaninglessly on all sites here, have several hours to watch a movie, take several hours to play that game on your smart phone Yet you can’t find 10min to read Through a post that has the ability to change your life.
Sorry to say this but Shame on you for Failing Yourself…

Let’s have priorities that matter in life. Is your purpose on earth really entangled on that social bracket you fit yourself in?!!
Success comes out of your comfort zone.

I desperately need conjugal visitors! Anyone?


I tend to believe that with such a personality, your soul must be looking like a cob web! Too entangled with ties… Feels like a dumping site of souls