Well I guess since Uk’s tough handedness show of might of late, it seems that we will not hear of a SOTN address sooner. However, nothing has changed. Our national debt is slowly making investors scared. Tanzania have a better credit score than yours truly, a nation we all can agree we condescend on. The key word is misappropriation of funds. It’s a cancer.

HEADMASTER: how much is passport photograph for children?

PHOTOGRAPHER: the price for the passport is KSH 100 per child

HEADMASTER: No, the pupils are 500 in number, so we are paying KSH 50

PHOTOGRAPHER: ok no problem sir, you can pay KSH 50 each since they are many

HEADMASTER: class teacher go & inform the pupils that they should bring KSH 150 each tomorrow for the passports.

CLASS-TEACHER: ok sir, i will inform them right away

CLASS-TEACHER: Good day pupils, you are all to come with KSH 200 tomorrow for passports.

PUPIL: Mummy we were asked to bring KSH 300 for passport at school

MUMMY: Father, your son was asked to come to school with KSH 500 passport fee tomorrow.

FATHER: OOH My God. Uhuru Kenyatta make things costly day by day, including education. We have said it, this man is wicked.

Moral lesson: ‘LET THE CHANGE BEGIN WITH YOU AND I’. Honesty and sincerity are all that we need to make this country a better place!

This country needs a manual overwrite onto it’s motherboard. Otherwise vision 2030 is a mirage


For the first time in many decades our weathermen have correctly predicted when the rain will start and stop and it’s intensity.
Do we call that Jubilee development?

That is a perfect illustration if what ails Kenya.