Whatever that guy is smoking he should stop. I cannot believe he is taking the kid’s side. These are delinquents and they have no rights. Ati they will make schools ungovernable unless the stringent rules are reversed. Reke ngwire someone needs to knock some sense into those heads.

mmezidi na kikyuk hapa

hata hatuna pa kuangalia bana

I am not kikuyu but i know what that means. . . . everyone does!

u are emotional for nothing, your hating will choke u

ok, jera maundu mau

I have watched that interview. Teachers are playing a role in these fires. Hii extension ya term dates Ni walimu hawaitaki for reasons best known to them

Teachers are using the students as part of a silent revolt against the system

Sossion must go, Sossion must go… x4

But enyewe, hata wewe if u are a teacher, utafeel aje when working hours zimeongezwa bila consultation?

Mark u, unaendanga campo during the holz na sasa huwezi tena

I am not emotional. What kind of kids we are churning from schools? They are burning property without any regard for other students and the burden their parents will be forced to shoulder. You think the current lot in universities is problematic? Wait until these ones get there. . . .

Ni job gani ingine wafanyikazi huenda leave ya mwezi mzima Mara tatu kwa mwaka mpaka Christmas na bado wanalipwa full salo?

So sioni was in a combative mode

But they used to have extended tuition all the time. Why is this different?

:cool: I know what that means too. . . .mambo yako kwa thread.

Like they don’t have kids too. . . . .this revolt will also bite them in the ass.

Wrong way to air grievances if anything this actions might lead to vetting exercises of which I am sure they stand to lose more.

The little baggas think they are punishing the school, but they forget ni wazae watalipia hio damages…

vile niliambiwa…one skul ocha yetu ilianza ufala fununu ikafikia prinsi…akawaambia waache ujinga cement haina makosa kama wako na shida waende wamchome…he he ivo ndio umeffi iliisha

that princi is the dumbest of em all

hutu tutoto twa kina @aviator tunaeza kuchoma just coz u sed so

Wacha wachome shule saa hii…baadaye watachoma mahindi kwa jua bila kivuli kama career…