Sosion axed as KNUT secretary general

bado hicho kiatwoli,kwanza he openly sided with naswa.

niaje momomania:D

:D:D:D:D:D sikumbuki nakumbuka tu holiday ya strike

You really think a man in Sossion’s position is worried about salary. The man wanted to get into politics and being a nominated MP is great start.

niko ngangari omwami

hehehe,i Just hate that ugly mothefucker

You win i swear

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He got into to politics okay, but then, will he make it to parliament through the ballot ?
A pay cut of ksh 1.3million, and that doesn’t bother you :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


That is what many others stranded on the rocks between here and Canaan thought.

Knowing ODM, Sossion might find himself being carried out by the belt of his pants (remember Magerer Langat?). His value as a lever to pry open RV has just dropped by 95 points.


He can’t hack it as an elected MP. In Rift Valley if you are not in Jubilee then unajiongelesha. This is a major blunder by him. Gov. Laboso must be laughing now. He told her to go look for seats in Nyanza where her husband is from. Sasa its the same case for him. The only seat he can win under odm is in Nyanza not Bomet.


sossion ni bure tu!

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you haven’t counted the Luos, yet…

hata mudzo alikuwa anataka kukwamilia na miaka imekataa…


By 2022, I’m 100% sure he’ll have jumped ship to Ruto’s camp, Ruto needs more foot solders of Sessions calibre. My point is, he made a smart move.

:D:D Savage!

For Sossion, at least now we’re spared from live drooling on TV


Wasapere wana mauchungu hizi posishens za kina Atwoli na Sossion zingekua zao :D:D:D


si utetee wakisii lazima uangalie watu wengine?


Ng’ombe underage.
Usiwahi ongea mahali niko.


Sission must be sweating to the teeth

I will do that when they will irrigate bile in this thread :smiley:

:D:D:D:D:D:Dna utasemaje juu ya @Deorro na @Mzee mzima walifanya KCPE 2011