Sosion axed as KNUT secretary general

You can’t be a public servant and at the same time a trade union leader. Him being an odm nominated mp makes him a public servant and therefore he can’t be leading a union at the same time. Rookie mistake trying to eat at both ends.


I had thought Nzili had re-grouped and pulled off a counter coup

Serves him right.

Good riddance to that annoying irritant.
Just seeing him on TV leaves me seething.

My village MP ule wa kuppet Milemba should also be axed…kuna mungine wa Bomet central. Yaani Knut hawangetoa Sosion wenyewe hadi wasaidiwe?

Why are there so many lunjes in trade union leadership?


kitunguu ya union leader ni tamu kuliko ya nominated MP mimi kama ni Sosion na resign u MP na kukimbia kortini nirudishiwe uzito wa union

Western ni watu wa mkono…remember it all started with the likes of Mboya, Lubembe and Akumu…alafu before Atwoli we had Mugala…ule weakling, always sided with KANU during agitation for repeal of section 2A. Historically, people from Western/Nyanza have held junior positions in orgs under unions such as posts and telecommunication, Hotel and allied workers, sugar and planatation workers, Kenya petroleum workers, tea pickers, kule kwa coffee etc…I guess hata watchmen wako na org yao…so it has always been easier for low cadre workers to rally behind their son(s) for representation…Atwoli lazima ni wa Agricultural workers seeing that hes usually very involved when tea pickers strike kule kericho

The best thing is that its the constitution that bars them not a law. That means they can’t get an injunction in court to bar the constitution. Any document he signs as KNUT sg is null and void from the date he was sworn in as a nominated mp.

His value to NASA is close to ZERO, enyewe ali tinga blunder. He had more influence as the KNUT chairman, vs Nominated MP.
I wish Atwoli had made the same Mistake.

Super move! Next: find away to get rid of that fat purple swelling called Atwoli.

Union leadership ni powerful sana. Atwoli hawezi acha COTU. Amekuwa sec’y gen wa COTU so long nilikuwa nimesahau the late Joseph Mgalla who preceded him. Not forgetting the late Ambrose Adongo who led KNUT in the 90s. Powerful men they were and are

huyo ambrose adongo alikuwa ngombe sanaa , aliambia walimu wa strike nikisomea kcpe 1998 but we enjoyed the holidays tulipewa walimu waki strike nikuchapana mangumi na kutusi prefects tu

At SG he earned 2 million a month. Now he will get 700,000 a month as nominated MP. No mileage claims since he is nominated and no CDF to steal from. If you follow RAT blindly, you pay the price for being s*****

Courtesy of Gordon Opiyo.

A Snitch To The Teachers!

Na vile alifukuza Mudzo :D:D


mkuki,this is the greatest news,this shit should take his donkey mouth to odm.

Kumamayo ilikuwa 1997