sosho afaa aende afanyiwe hii


This is not something to joke about

Hujafa hujaumbika

Yanaweza kufikia pia wewe ukafura scrotums

It’s a painful condition this gigantomastia. We had a student in high school who suffered from it and you could see the strain it placed on her daily activities. I wonder if she ever got help…

are you saying i will grow big female boobs?

I would be interested to know breast cancer prevalence among gynaecomastia patients

Common sense tells me that it should be above healthy subjects … but deep inside I wish not

a good number of men to have gynecomastia, it all narrows down to hormonal imbalance

Kubali tu umelemewa na chakula na uende gym.

top body builders end up having gynecomastia, which is an indication of too much testosterone in the body, it’s one way of pinning bodybuilders on steroids.

Fungua roho ata kiMnyondo @Thiem tuta samehea yeye

@Thiem has tender breasts

Very touching story. I wonder why human beings make a joke out of people’s problems. It’s a sick world we are living in

si hautatumia steroids?

what ?

:D:D:D:D:D:D ulijuaje?

People who joke about such things ni wale watu hawajatembea saana na ni mafala wa kuzaliwa na pia kuzikwa. The lady was just lucky. About a decade ago I saw a similar case on ntv where a secondary school girl went through the same, had an operation abroad and the process was quite a success only that she never remembered anything that she ever knew. Even the simplest A for Apple, B for boy sh!t. Her classmates visited to cheer her up at home and though she was not in any kind of pain, you could feel it when she only clapped along as the others sang. She could remember nothing.

hazishindi za @Finest wine

Maikomakamasi…find something better to do with your idle hours since you have like 1000 hrs in a week to trawl thru tweets.
Don’t tag me into disability shaming. Shame on you.

calm your tiddies gurl. It’s never that serious

I don’t believe in that lie that it is never that serious. It is. You remembered to tag me. Vile mtu ameumbwa is not something for me laugh about especially in this case. Arrg

basi cool down. at least you can be happy that your kids will be properly nourished