Wadau na wadauress.

Our own @Purple amekuwa MIA tangu Trump ali retreat Mar-a-chieth.

This is a welfare check. Hope she’s ok.

@Abba @Sovereign2 @Simiyu22 @Mangele @Big fire have you seen her?

Yes I saw here juzi spinning some shit about Corona vaccine . I’ll tag you… hata hivyo :D:D:D:D

@Abba who is the young lady in your new avatar? Is that your youngest dorra?

I saw her a few days ago. I think she’s working in a remote Covid Hospital for extra government cash. There you can’t be on your phone.


Sis ako sawa, she’s amassing more million dollars

@Abba likes bitches who are bald like himself. Very manly women to dominate him.

Mbona unajifanyaga caretaker hapa? Always defending certain specific talkers, kwani unakuwaga moderator?

Na si unapenda fitina?

You are partially right

Hio meffi huwa inasoma inbox za watu.

Mimi Ni deep state,uliza mteso @Abba

Ngombe hii ulinianika the other day . Sitakusahau…ghasieer :smiley:

Huyu ata inbox nilimtumia last month amekataa kabisa kureply

Medici, good taste elder

Labda alidhania ni zile za Kamiti Penitentiary :smiley: :smiley:

Sawa… very classic and nice episodes

There’s an episode where a respiratory disease plagues Florence and other parts of Italy, and then they mention the Corona family…

Eeee bana ju ilikuwa deal fulani ya pesa kubwa… Labda aliona ni mahabusu inataka kumuosha

Yes … that was when people were dying on the street and cosmo had to flee the whole family to a different town. When they came back they were even richer than before. I didn’t like how Cosmo grandchild( Lorenzo) died… also how Lorenzo’s boys chose not to follow their dad’s business(season 3). But I always wondered who killed cosmos’ dad(season 1)…sijawahi elewa- the one who died after eating grapes on his grape yard