Sorry Guys, Family first.

Been quiet for a week or so, First lady was involved in a minor accident and she broke her leg. Been there for a week or so but the office has requested that I be there for month end closure, nishawaambia akinihitaji sana watajipanga.

What did I miss?

Niko kwa barabara naelekea Nakuru from Bungoma, visibility is not good coz of fog, drive carefully kama uko kwa hio barabara.

Otherwise Mundu ako strong. Wa kulala Walale, wa kukesha wakeshe.

Wishing madam pale QR,
Glad to have you back, sir.

I thought ni kitu ya maana

Wasenge wa QR ndio hawa

quick recovery to madam

You can’t comprehend, you don’t have a family. Come back when you have a wife/husband and kids.

Thanks guys, she will be fine with your prayers.

Not today binjwa schootam


I second that ni umama sana to shorten a condolence message to Q.R

pole to your woman anyways how did you loose your other nut?

To what sir? I was not involved in the minor accident, what is your interest?

mundu apart from kuendesha posho mill na paiskeli hakuna kitu ingine unajua kuendesha , shenjii .

Na ambiwa reverse cowgirl ni dangerous kujaribu na pipi,research indicates that its the leading position in limb fractures.

Ambia semeji pole

Not in the moods pal, this is family. Kalale, good night.

I wish her well.

Pole mundu. may she get well soon.

Mpe pole na quick recovery to her…

Pole to mundu mulosiress, and safe journey to you.

Pole John