Sorry Fi Maga Dog

As the political contests hot up, this great Peter Tosh tune will become more and more relevant:

[SIZE=5]Peter Tosh – Maga Dog[/SIZE]

Sorry fi Maga Dog
Him turn around bite you
And if you jump outta fryin pan
I know you jump inna fire yeah
See you come from country in a country chuk
Tell me say you a look a likkle wuk
Gal go weh from dey
Me no wan’ fe see you 'round here


When I were with you look how you big and fat
Now you look like a real wet rat
Gal, go weh from me
Me no wan’ fe see you 'round here


Me jus’ a do wha’ me hafi do
Me no ha nothin’ more fi do with you
And if you know wha’ me know
You galang go turn poppy-show


Your father gi’ you money fi buy piece of land
You take your father money and buy obeah man
But a young nay like you
Should be cut with a filing tool


Who’s going to betray the others?

team uotp imesema ivi…

We keeping it Positive…



And for the bodyguards doing the dangerous job of guarding thugs, here is one:

I learn a new thing everyday.
If i told you how i used to pronounce this part of the lyrics. washa tu

Hehehehehe! That Jamaican patois is not for everybody. Isitoshe, in my time the latest music came from the radio and if there was interference kidogo, you reassembled what you heard phonetically in your head.

This one is for Ali Hassan Joho’s children and grandchildren:

:D:D… sio [SIZE=1]matha[/SIZE] dog:eek::eek:

One of mi ol time favirites. Oh the times passed after smokin some sensemillia gazin at nuffinness as Tosh crooned sorry fi maga dooooog…

Wekea Elizabeth Ongoro “Oh mama wat you gonna do mama wat you gonna do”

Translate dat Peter tosh tune man

Every evening, all the candidates regardless of affiliation need to meditate to this one, 10 minutes, waamke na amani the next day:

P.s. Hata kuje 1000 track computer studio, nothing will ever beat real horns, drums & bass, and a vocal sang with passion, no overdubs nor Autotune.

I still maintain that peter tosh was the most talented wailer bob only commercialized it! meanwhile skiza hii


Do not rank good musicians like athletes or cattle in an auction. It’s all subjective, yet the music that touches your soul will touch you no matter who makes it and how.

For example, what do you make of this?

This is pure wickedness.

Bro, glad I made you happy. I’m a big fan of Monty Alexander and the grand Old man of Jamaican guitar, Ernest Rangling. Check him out if you get the chance.

I shall.
In our first SQ in the burbs my bro and I lived next to a guy who had a mutt we christened Maga Dog.
We used to say for it to have looked so ugly it had to have walked into a wall.
Best times.