Soprano supports secession

Cessation in Africa has never ended well as it takes ethnic angel every time… Good sample the newer South Sudan is in more shiet. These would eventually make further splits the Luhya would want to form theirs, the maa, the coast, the kisii, and it’s goes to street to streets warlords like Iraq.
If people want to feel important let them improve the devolution first.


You people are buying into reTired opposition narrative put out to keep them relevant. This is a false flag. A useless campaign with no head, tail and substance apart from keeping supporters busy while taking them nowhere as usual.


This is completely true. But then, who is to tell Ndii? And the countless Internet warriors treating it as a weapon? If Kenya was broken up today, those propagating for it would never know peace. Especially the lakeside people! Central would be the most prosperous part of East Africa, like Rwanda!

Na wale wanafikiri kuwa Wakamba wako nasa to stay, you are lying to yourselves!



Kwani how special is central you would still be a third world shithole

Just leave, already!

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It’s hard for people to imagine things being different from what they found when they were born. The day we separate people will ask why couldn’t we have done this sooner. It took me like 5months of wrestling with my mind for me to switch to a new desktop at work cause I just couldn’t imagine dumping my old computer even though it was slower and less powerful; now that I finally switched I wonder why was I hesitant.

The incompatibility of some communities is just too strong to be wished away. Try and imagine if the colonialists hadn’t put, for example, luos and kikuyus together. Are you guys trying to tell me that you would have demonstrated on the streets demanding that the two communities be brought under one country??.. ofcourse not, you wouldn’t have cared. Why doesn’t anyone suggest that the Sidama tribe be included in Kenya?? coz no one knows it and no one cares, because they were not there when you were born so you can’t imagine them being there. This self-righteous talk is only prolonging our problems.


brother what happened between 08/08/2017 and today. You have undergone drastic transformation . This isn’t you. has someone hacked your account ?

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I’m sorry, buddy! That guy insulted me for no reason at all! I had to use his language to ward him off!


calm down brother

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you know there is something about your avatar that i have always wanted to ask you. I’m not trying to derail the thread @Soprano but @Ubongo this lady talking on a phone booth with two fierce pit bulls with leashes tied around her waist passes a very strong message . this is the picture that most women advocates would like to see cc [SIZE=1]@Phylgee[/SIZE] . I find the picture has a very powerful hidden message . ulitoa wapi?


Hehe Kwa Shosomedia, hapa sini kwa ATM. Security issues

Just the fact that she can control these two beasts is amazing . I thought of owning one pit bull -(red nose rarebreed) but bei yake put me off. Can’t buy one for 400k . Mbwa should be 5k at most 15k-German Shephard . But one day I’ll own a pitbull- red nose breed . It’s one of my bucket lists

lol…what have i got to do with all this…??

Ile thread yako ya woman power

Exactly my thoughts bro, people have not thought this fuckery through. I hate this attitude of us Kenyans jumping into every fuckery thrown to us by politicians and anyone who can type and push a ## with some catchy phrases. What happens to all the civil servants who are not Luos and are in Nyanza?

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