Soon you won't be able to dump a body in the forest.

This is going to work. 100% sure of it.

Fool proof.

The SH20b Nairobi CCTV has proven this.



zitapata soko.

20Bn …these figures keep being thrown around halafu utaskia ‘Hey folks, we are broke’

Next tym someone says that i will shout at my tv screen “NO SIR! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS BROKE, MCOONDU!”

Halafu camera za 20Bn… Heh …Tano Tender ehhhh …hata tukivalue camera zote zenye ziko kenya tutasumbuka sana kufika 20Bn

First phase was handed over to police in 2015 it cost the taxpayer 14.9b and the second phase handed over in December cost sh7.5b.

And btw Safaricom told KRA to swallow a blade about taxes on that deal. Sijui kulienda aje hapo.

mcooshite wajifanyanga wajua kila kitu kumbe uko na akili ya mite. Unaskia wanasema watainstall CCTv kwa mstuni, how many forests are there in Kenya, what area do they cover, zitahitajika at least 20 cameras per every square kilometer, alafu installation itafanywa na upepo?? Alafu sasa people monitoring CCtvs watakua wanafanya kazi ya kuvolunteer?? Senji wewe

From a case in town center where police report about the route Jacob Juma passed through no CCTV was working. Missing footages. Utasikia from an incident like that of saitoti and the chopper or the forest case like that of Dr Ouko no camera was working. If this is true wait for… interesting times ahead.

Phew! I had read the title as:
“Soon you won’t be able to take a dump in the forest.”

this is how it went down, DOD gave safaricom the tender, safaricom awarded some indian firm who operate from a weslands flat, the indians gave Huawei the tender who subcontracted to multiple entities but were being paid by the mhindi. hata sikulipwa pesa zote. nilifuata mhindi nikachoka. bado tunafukuzana after all those years.

The sole purpose of fighting so hard to get in government is to eat, period.
You will scratch your heads till they go bald trying to find the logic of installing CCTV cameras in forests and other equally shaddy deals.

Pole buda

Boss unajua 20B inatoshana aje?

Is there any other country where CCTV cameras are in forests (except to capture still images of passing wild animals)?

The cameras in the CBD should have been of the latest available technology. There is no reason why a mugger or person wielding a pistol should not be easily identified from their facial features, instead Kenyans are asked to identify them by their approximate build and clothes meaning that the latest technologies were not adopted.

We’re already talking about 5G so why not go with the wave of the future. 20B is just another enrichment scheme, it would be much easier to launch more satellites like the one below if the goal is to monitor deforestation. Give the UON 500M if the one below launches successfully and lets get it done without making future generations pay for it:

[INDENT]In a major space science breakthrough, Kenya has built its first satellite, mainly to observe farming trends and monitor the coastline.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]The Sh120 million tiny 10 by 10cm cube nanosatellite is to be launched in April or May from the International Space Station.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]The satellite was developed by the University of Nairobi in collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Mostly funded by Japan.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]The University of Nairobi said the satellite will also be used to test technologies for the launch of a larger earth observation satellite in the future.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Metro pickpockets beware! China’s hi-tech cameras are watching your every move (see the article for how clear the images are)[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Not only can passengers’ every move be closely watched, but their most subtle facial expressions are being captured and transmitted in the form of ultra-clear images, without any delay whatsoever. The system, developed by Nufront, a Guangzhou-based technology company, will be rolled out to new metro lines opening in the city. Until now, most CCTV cameras in metro compartments have been low in resolution and only able to videotape what is going on inside the trains. In the event of an emergency, the control room would know nothing about the situation and an immediate response is not possible, said Chen. [/INDENT]

[INDENT]African telecommunications experts are meeting in Nairobi to chart the continent’s path towards the next generation of ultra-high speed Internet technology, commonly known as 5G. [/INDENT]

Upus. 20 cameras per square kilometer kwani wanafilm forest drama imeactiwa ni miti?

It’s a stupid idea. Mainly because a camera won’t stop a tree from getting cut down.

Like @maathais said above, it’s all about tender.
Doesn’t have to make any sense or work at all.

The cctv in nairobi totally failed to fight insecurity. …correct ?

Ile camera ya Bongo iko?

Dod ama interior ministry? Piece of chiet.

I think thread should go to business section… Then we discuss how we can all benefit from the 20billion