Soon Praying Mantis Will Snap Aanze Kuharvest Wasee. Makau Mutua Achunge Sana

He is the easier target and soft target kwa hio rende ya babu. Hanging around with Jakom and frustrating arap Mashamba is sometimes risky business.

The ICC did Ruto a thing or two and that was a hard lesson he got from that place.
Na bado file yake iko open, RAO will keep on poking as he wishes.

Makau mutua ni tricky…he’s basically a US citizen alafu he supports LBGTQ …guza huyo uone moto

Hata wakubwa wa polisi wanaogopa kupeana shoot to kill orders

And it also works against Ruto. Because if you have to kill a rioter, from that moment you will have to kill to prevent riots. It never worked for Mobutu or other dictators.

I think riots are good to prevent the thieving battalion from looting effectively

I thought wewe ni part of the mechanized infantry ya baba pale Utawala na Pipu.

Cc @Kodiaga

My moves depend on direct impact on my pockets .Mimi natayarisha mashamba pale kitui .hapan tambua pipu na sijawahi kanyanga huko . My businesses are running smoothly just like they did during PEV . Anyone who can dare disrupt our business operations hapa kitui can okota makaratasi in seconds without mercy .

mwikamba Pharmacy is a stubbon man hawezi kua member wa mechanized infantry

He will just pray for us to get saved :smiley: