Sonya therapy

Hi guys. Is sonya therapy still open? How is it and how much is it?

Talk to @Shiroe / @Juliana Nzaumi / @Staff Member- they work there

Room 254, kwani ilifungwa?

Blacks for Trump usitaje Juliana Nzaumi please

Yes it’s still open pia kuna ingine pale kimathi street hao wanawake wako na very soft and supple hands

another client for Atwoli . Peeni yeye kiti please !

Kimathi street wapi?

next to the nation building on the right there is a building there ingia hapo enda second floor

Siku hizi naona brothel entrepreneurs are busy marketing their businesses hapa, haisuru.

On a serious note, if the customer pays 2k/service, you get a minimum of 10 customers per day, and you divide 50/50 na the service providers (malayas). That’s a cool 300,000 per month.

Iko Pesa Hapa

How much does it cost to set up such a business?

inaitwa aje hiyo building

It’s how much? Do you know the building name?

sonya iko exactly wapi ?

I was thinking the same thing I start small with 5 or 6 girls and then expand as the business grows

Hio jina ndio inapotea but it’s next to nation centre

I have been there once kitu 5 yrs ago… Paid 1500…I was seriously disappointed by the quality of the chicks…very ugly girls.