Sony vs LG smart TV

Wadau hamjambo.
I wish to seek the advise of tech gurus and those with experience. I’m seeking to purchase a 32 inch smart TV. In your opinion/experience which is better between 32W600D and 32LJ570U considering both go for around the same price.
At the same time, anyone who knows mashimo za Luthuli where I can get a TV at the lowest possible price, please gimme a contact. Thank you

Why 32" smart? Tuanzie hapo…

Why luthuli tuko na retailer hapa hapa

Mdau hope uko fiti.
I sell all types of TVs .
LG is more preferred .
when can I deliver.
Luthuli utauziwa time bomb ujue haujui.
inbox me

All I can say is that you should get UHD

Anytime you see LG in a comparison list just assume LG is the best. It almost always is.

I swear by lg … 3yrs and still going strong.

So you think those that bought Sony three years ago already have spoilt TVs?

Scrolller ya LG remote ndiyo imeniangusha. Its broken and can’t select OK function. Luckily, there’s a wireless keyboard and Android app for the smart TV.

For 32"?

4k experience on a 32 inch hakuna difference unless unaiwatch from 1 foot away. 4k experience ni above 49 inch for a normal setting

Emphasis on ‘i swear by lg’ wewe enda ununue sony hakuna mtu amekukataza…

If you can go for Sony and an Android one. They are a bit more expensive than the W600 series but are very nice.

32 unawatch 1.5 metres away. pia uhd ni poa kwa large screens and for high quality video. HD is perfect only in 24" from experience.

Actually swearing by a product means you have a strong reason why you prefer it over other products. Otherwise ungesema nimekuwa na lg for 3 yrs na iko sawa. Swearing on the other hand means you have strong proof that lg is supreme

Sony mambo yote

Yep, i have a bias for lg. In my eyes sony ni meffi .

For any TV brand name shouldn’t be the issue, the panel (screen technology) should be want as a woke buyer be researching on… Marketing gimmicks like UHD, 4K, 2K are what are fucking us up as the buyers…
For the price of those two get a 50 inch smart hisense TV or the other Chinese brands. The panel technology is the same. They are TN panels not IPS.

Very nice. When reading reviews I avoid advice from people that like brands on the basis of brand names. Perhaps you like LG because its a short acronym or because your real names start with LG. Luke Gakuya for example. This sort of advice is only sentimental and not technological. And that explains why every other brand will be meffi in your eyes. You just love LG, if they made a car, it would be the best car ever in your eyes. If they made a condom, in your eyes it can even substitute a pussy

On technology i do my homework just like any other consumer who wants to get value for money…I highly suggest you start watching his reviews.